Love Tarotscope For January

love tarotscope

Love Tarotscope For January

Happy New Year my dears! I wish you a 2019 full of joy, when every day you are just a step closer to getting your wishes fulfilled! What a better way to start the year than with a bit of a love forecast? If you are not familiar with how it works, search for your Sun Sign on the list and get the love reading for your sign.

Aries – The Star

Aries in relationships will enjoy a very happy and romantic beginning of the year and it will be a great time to bring back the magic and the spark! There’s also hope for complicated relationships, although it is time to really sit down and analyze the situation to determine if its whimsical thinking or there’s something there. Singles will be particularly attractive and it’s time to show off your charms!

Taurus – The Hanged Man

January can be slow for Taurus in relationships. Be careful if an argument presents and try to make an effort to see the point of your partner, stubbornness will not get things solved. It is not the right time to seek relationships and those that have been complicated lately will experience some delays. However, it is a good month to make some introspection and consider what actions can be taken to make things happen.

Gemini – Knight Of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is bringing decision and courage to Geminis. This card brings a way forward in relationships that have been going through struggle and indicates that it is a good moment to find some stability and to set the bases for growth in both existing and new relationships. With determination and patience, severe crisis can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel in January!

Cancer – Two Of Cups

A very promising beginning of the year for Cancers! Harmony will reign in your relationship and you will be able to overcome existing differences by using a constructive approach based on love and appreciation. It is also a promising month for new relationships and for those that are seeking a partner. Freshen up your Tinder profile and go for it, because the energies are very positive and love could be right there.

Leo – The Hermit

Lions are called to do some serious introspection this month. Whether you have a wonderful relationship, you’re going through a crisis, you’re searching or you’re healing, it is time to take a step back and give some thought to what you’re doing and what needs to be done in order to maintain, change or avoid a certain path in your love life. Put your thoughts in common with your partner for better results!

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Virgo – Queen Of Swords

It is time to be fierce about what you want! The Queen of Swords brings a renewal to relationships and is opening the ways to improved communication, speak your desires and they will be heard! If you’ve been in doubt about whether or not to call that person you’re thinking about, it’s time to shake it off and discover the truth. Complicated relationships will become clearer during the month of January.

Libra – The World

Your experience is going to come in handy for your love life. You will be presented with situations that you have lived before, and it is time to change the direction and use what you’ve learnt so far in your best interest. Those going through a break-up will get some much needed closure during the month of January. Beware of accepting an ex back too soon, make sure that the cause for the separation has disappeared.

Scorpio – Page Of Wands

You will learn something new about your partner that will open up a lot of opportunities for you to share and explore together. If you have been growing a new interest, it is also time to share it with your partner for some quality time. Those in complicated relationships will receive new pieces of information that will help them determine the nature of the situation and the single ones will get lucky.

Sagittarius – Knight Of Cups

Established relationships have nothing to worry about, however, for those that are just starting out, the Knight Of Cups is warning you against going too intense too soon. If your love interest is rushing into things, make sure that they take it slower or you could end up being quite disappointed. It is a good moment to find new romantic interests, but promises of change from past lovers need to be thoroughly considered before making a move.

Capricorn – Eight Of Pentacles

Conscious dedication to your relationship will bring the desired results. If you have been going through a crisis, it is time to sit down with your partner and discuss your approach towards it. Make sure that you are on the same page and things will work out. It is also possible that work and career matters make it difficult for you to spend a lot of time with your partner so prioritize quality over quantity.

Aquarius – The Emperor

There is a fine line between protecting your partner or your relationship and do what it takes to have it your way. Try to bear this balance in mind when making romance related decisions this month. In complicated relationships there will be some games of power, don’t go into them and try to stay as neutral as possible in order to avoid a headache. The Aquarian gentlemen will be at the peak of their appeal this month.

Pisces – Nine Of Cups

The Nine Of Cups is spreading joy all over the Pisces that are in love. Balance and harmony will be the theme of your relationship in the first month of the year. Also, if you have laid your eyes on someone for a while and have been wondering if you should ask them out, take your chances and by all means, do it! It could be the beginning of something wonderful, so don’t let fear stop you and go for it!

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