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Madonna loses out to Guy Ritchie. What’s next for Madonna?

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Madonna loses out to Guy Ritchie. What’s next for Madonna?

Separations are painful even in the most amicable of circumstances but especially so when there are children involved. The issue of custody is raised and it adds a further dimension to the pain. After battling it out over who should gain custody of their son, Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie managed to reach a settlement before they were due to take it to court. The issue came about during Rocco’s visit to the UK whilst accompanying his mother on her Rebel Heart world tour. Madonna is often accused in the media of being too strict as a parent, but healthy kids do need healthy boundaries. Apparently, mother confiscated the (then) 15-year old’s mobile phone resulting in his refusal to return to the US with her. Madonna and Rocco have since kissed and made up.

It’s been agreed that their son’s needs have changed and that he would be better off living with his father. Madonna and Guy divorced in 2008 after an eight-year marriage. Guy went on to remarry and has three children under the age of five. Evidently, Madonna and her ex are working together to build bridges for the sake of their son. No one ever said parenting was easy!

Véronique’s Verdict

 So what do we have to offer Madonna today through the Tarot. We drew The World, The Queen of Wands and The Ace of Hearts. Parenting can be the biggest challenge in life even to the highly accomplished but we do our best with the tools we’ve been given and Madonna is no exception.

The World card represents family and Madonna’s children are her world. She will continue to seek harmony within all of her mother-child relationships. Hard work is demanded and this will not change anytime soon.

The Queen of Wands is Madonna’s significator, she has much to be proud of and will continue to draw on her inner strength to help make the best decisions for herself and her family.

The Ace of Hearts shows the rewards felt within the heart. I feel that Madonna has reached a new understanding with her children and this has impacted her life generally. She has already reportedly promised to loosen the grip and allow more freedom where appropriate. This is very positive and will bring her the love energy that is sought. She will continue to redefine her relationships and further learn the art of compromise. She is wished the best.

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