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Madonna – Weekly Celebrity Horoscope


Madonna – Weekly Celebrity Horoscope

Madonna is an idol, who has been famous for her rebellious nature. She became a role model for many women in the 80`s, and still continues to charm her audience. The 58-year-old singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman is also a proud mother. However, challenges aren`t absent from her life, either.

And although we can see part of her personality from her songs, that`s not all. Let`s have a look at her natal chart to find out a bit more.

Madonna is loyal, and her success is a result of hard work. She honours tradition, therefore tends to get attached to people easily. She likes to give honest advice, and she is a good listener, being open to others` views. She might occasionally come off as too proud or even vain, but that`s temporary. If she made a promise to you, then it is most likely that you won`t be let down. She genuinely attracts good things, so some consider her very lucky. This doesn`t mean though that bad things don`t happen to her. On the contrary. But those times she tries everything she can to stay positive and reassuring.

Now let`s have a look at her personalized weekly horoscope, based on her birth chart:

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Weekly Love Horoscope: You feel the need to deepen your relationship with your loved ones. Communication is key this week, and long-forgotten emotions can resurface. Try to avoid making life-changing decisions in the heat of the moment. Enjoy your time, but do everything with moderation.

Weekly Carrier Horoscope: You have a clear plan, and you stick with it. This week you can be quite stubborn when it comes to accepting advice. Things have to go your way, and admitting that you were wrong is very difficult. Luckily, you are being supported on every level. Your loved ones will help you get through this phase. The disturbing effect should pass within the next few weeks.

Weekly Leisure Horoscope: You have achieved something, and now is the time to sit back and relax. You will feel the need to let go of all your worries and just be. As simple as this sounds, it isn`t that easy. You might visit a spa, or indulge in any other type of relaxing activity, like yoga or meditation. You will feel refreshed and reenergized.

Weekly Health Horoscope: This is a time for waiting and standing still. It`s time to enjoy what you have achieved so far. You might feel a bit lazy, but that`s OK. Nothing major is happening, and you relax in the knowledge that the storms have passed. You need to gather your strength for the upcoming weeks, which will bring much more action your way.

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