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Maisie Williams gives her take on GoT Season 7. Why we can’t wait!

Maisie Williams GOT Season 7

Maisie Williams gives her take on GoT Season 7. Why we can’t wait!

If you have managed to fall into the trap of following Game of Thrones, then you have my sympathy. It takes a lot to hold my attention on a program, but I am hooked. It means exciting story lines, breath taking suspense, unbelievable outcomes and then the long wait for the next episode. People are afraid to open a conversation on the program. This is only out of fear that the person they are talking to is playing catch up. To give someone an unwanted spoiler on this series can be the end of a lifelong friendship, but it is an amazing piece of writing, imagination and fantastic acting.

Maisie Williams has been tweeting this week to say she has just finished reading season 7. Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark, the tomboy daughter of Ed Stark. Her adventures in the series are as captivating in their own right as any other role. Although we are not going to see season 7 until Summer 2017, we can already feel the anticipation building. On one hand we were hoping Maisie Williams would spill a little spoiler on what we can expect, but then a Girl wouldn’t do that, or would she?

Whatever happens with this series when it does close, I feel Maisie Williams is a name to watch for. Her performance in this series is nothing short of brilliant. I would imagine that catch phase of “a girl would or wouldn’t” will follow her for some time to come. A bit like the late great John Wayne and “Get of your horse and drink your milk.” Though it is said he never actually uttered those words. If you haven’t already watched it, then you have time to catch up before season 7 kicks off. You are unlikely to regret the journey.

Master Psychic Vincent’s verdict

What do the cards say for Maisie Williams this week? The Fool Card shows that there are already plans in the pipeline for something new. Not long after this series comes to a close. Maisie has shown her talent and it hasn’t gone un-noticed. The Four of Cups shows she is entering a time of great emotional balance. This is a time when all appears to be going on the right road and there is no reason why it should not. Staying focused on what she wants from life and not compromising, is a good plan. The Justice Card shows that her excellent performance on an amazing series will stand to her in years to come. We look forward to seeing you in series 7. Let’s hope a girl lives through it.

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