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Making the Decision to be Happy

Searching for Happiness

A great many people, when looking at their future self, want little more than to be financially secure, and many even to be outright right rich. But for the most part, people just want to be happy. As a Psychic and Spiritual Healer, I hear almost daily from people who just want to be happy.

What people need to understand is that true happiness only comes from within. No one person, thing, relationship or situation will bring genuine happiness into a person’s life. While one can find joy in hearing the laughter of a child or in starting the perfect new job or in getting married, to be truly happy takes finding contentment within oneself. Being at peace on the inside.

Life in general is a challenge and there will always be some struggle no matter how much money one has or how perfect his/her mate and relationship may be. I have encountered many persons who seem to have it all with a good job, bills fully paid and on time, plenty of food and surrounded by love yet that person is completely miserable in their life. While this person appeared to be surrounded by blessings, they were constantly focused on achieving that next big thing and striving for something bigger and better. It is great to have goals and aspirations, but not at the cost of losing sight of the blessings you do have in your life.

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Being Thankful

Be thankful for the money to pay your bills and know that it is a blessing, even if one is left with nothing extra. Just being thankful for those funds and allowing for the conscious thought of knowing it is a blessing will bring more of the same into one’s life. Find happiness right where you are and once that happiness is achieved, then work to move forward to bigger and better things, all the while giving thanks and praise for what you do have no matter how big or small. Just be thankful.

Some people will spend years moving from one city to another in search of the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect mate when what they were actually looking for could only be found within themselves. I had a client who lived in five different states over a two year period. She was looking for something but had no idea what until we began to dig deep within her spiritual being for the answers. With much focused effort on her part and by simply realizing that her own happiness was within her, she finally found peace and settled down. Fully happy and at peace.

Retrain Your Mind

There are many people who think happiness is simply a choice that one makes. Personally, I do not believe it is quite that easy, but close. It takes effort to find that happiness and one cannot simply say, “I’m happy,” and expect all to be well. Often it takes retraining your mind as we literally create that which we think. If one is constantly thinking about the struggles and lack in their own lives, then he/she will only draw more lack and struggle to themselves. Yet, if one is always focused on the positive and the blessings all around them, then that person will undoubtedly bring in much more of the same.

It is not easy to do this in the beginning if you have always been given to the negative. The negative and the darkness are just easier for many people. It’s comfortable as there is less resistance and less of a challenge. It does take work to retrain one’s thought process but it is so very worth it in the wonderful things that one will attract to his or her own life.

Choosing to be Happy

Even the most down trodden person can find something to be grateful for. There are blessings all around us but some times we have to really look until we are just more comfortable seeing what is right before us. Like everyone, I have experienced the death of someone very close to me, my mother. I did not take my own advice and for many years I was so focused on that loss that I found myself hating Thanksgiving and Christmas. I even deprived my own children of some very good times because I could not get past the loss. Then, I simply chose to be thankful for the time I did have with my mother. I found myself expressing gratitude for her being able to see me get married and for her to be in the delivery room with the birth of my first child. As I began to focus on these blessings, the pain of losing her began to lessen. While I would love to have more time with her, I finally found peace and was able to just be happy again.

Being happy does take some effort but finding that happiness also brings so much contentment and pure joy. Just know that whatever one is looking for can really only be found by looking within. Choose to think only of the good in your life and the many blessings all around. Work to bring more of the same to you and genuine happiness will follow.

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