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Man Survives Avalanche that hit Italian Hotel

Man Survives Avalanche that hit Italian Hotel

Man Survives Avalanche that hit Italian Hotel

When an avalanche hits, there is usually no way out. All you can do is wait for the rescue team to arrive on time. Even then, tons of snow separate you from the chance to survive. If they know that you are under the snow.

While if you are `lucky`, you might just miss it entirely. This is the case in Italy as well, where a hotel has been trapped under a quake-triggered avalanche. There are approximately 30 people missing, and even the rescuers doubt that they could still be alive. However, among the few survivors, there is a 38-year-old man, who was outside when it happened. This way he managed to climb out from under the snow and call for help.

Although, everything comes at a price: his wife and two children are still trapped inside the hotel.

“I saved myself because I’d gone to pick something up from the car. The avalanche came and I was buried by snow but I managed to get out. The car was not buried, so I stayed there and waited for rescue operators.”

There have been no voices, no reply from inside the hotel ever since. Which of course doesn`t mean the worst has happened. The fact that the hotel isn`t easily accessible due to the amount of snow, makes people lose hope easily. All we can do right now is wait and pray for the possible victims and their families.

Let`s draw some cards for Giampaolo Parete, to see how he is coping with what happened.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Queen of Swords:
In order to survive this, there is a need to focus on your intellect. Quick thinking is what saved you from tragedy, and that`s what`s helping you now, too. Despite of what`s happening, you try to stay impartial and hope for the best.

Five of Wands:
Although you try to voice your opinion, everyone tries to chime in with theirs. There is little (or no) point in guessing, wait until you have all the facts. We all know that this might be the hardest right now. People can say many things and there is a lot of tension surrounding the events, but nobody knows the truth. If you have conflicting emotions regarding what happened, that`s OK!

Ten of Cups:
This is a good omen for families. There is a need to reminisce about the past and think about your joyful moments together. Allow this to give you strength during these difficult times.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and all the others whose loved ones are trapped inside. Blessed be!


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