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Mandy Moore and her Gay Family

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore and her Gay Family.

Mandy Moore is a very accomplished lady for her 32 years. She is a singer, songwriter, model, and fashion designer from Orlando Florida. This week she has revealed that not only is her Mom gay, but so are her two brothers. She will be the first to admit that her upbringing was a little different from the conventional way. But as they say: “The proof of the pudding is in the baking.” It goes to prove that Just because a child is raised by a straight or gay couple, it will not affect their outcome as an adult. A good parent is a good parent. Being straight or gay is irrelevant as long as your child’s needs are put first.

To Mandy Moore.
Your success in life is a testament to good parenting without a doubt. Many children are born with amazing talents and have them oppressed by the norm that society feels must prevail. Parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, who recognise their child’s true gifts and nurture it, will normally have happier well-adjusted children. The old story of only those who can create children can rear them has long been proven wrong. Social services across the globe will testify to this. You Mandy, are a credit to your parents. By being reared to be your authentic self, you have blossomed into an amazing person. The Job was well done in my book.

Let us read a few cards for you today Mandy.

The Three of Cups.
This is the card of the heart Mandy. It relates to those you hold nearest and dearest. You have said that you would like to start a family at some stage. This card shows that this could be sooner rather than later. I realise there are things you want to have in place before children start arriving. But that’s not how babies work all the time. Sometimes they can surprise even the most prepared people.

The King of Swords. This is the management of life’s little problems. Being a sensitive soul, you pick up vibes faster than most. This, in turn, leads to stressing faster than most. It’s important to remember that you can change your world, but you can’t change other peoples. However, you are the light that draws them to you in their darkest hour. This is because you appear to be handling things better than they can. The best you can do is hand them the tools to fix it and hope for the best.

The Three of Wands.
This is work, life and anything that requires energy. It would appear that 2017 is going to be a very busy year for you on the work front. Something that will require a long-term commitment. Planning in advance is always a good option. But then as I said, babies don’t always arrive when we plan. Either way, I have no doubt with the three of wands that work will be sweeping you off your feet.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Well yes, babies are on the cards, but not this side of the holiday season you may be glad to know. Even well into next year, you will be far too busy with work. But as the year closes the chance of news around this could change. Stress over others problems shows only that you are a considerate being. But you can’t live their lives for them. Advice is the only tool you can use. They must do the work to repair their life. The Three of Wands is your work card, and it shows a multi-talented person. My attention is drawn to September of 2017. This is a month that has news of great interest to you.


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