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Manifesting Your Romantic Soul Mate

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Manifesting Your Romantic Soul Mate

There are so many definitions of what a Soul Mate, Twin Flame or Spiritual Partner are that it is hard to narrow down exactly what it means to each person asking the question, “where is he or she?” The first thing to clear up is the true definition of what a soul mate actually is.

It could be anyone in your lifetime and can show up as many levels of relationships that is not strictly contained within romance. A soul mate could be a family member, a deep friendship or someone that arrives in your life to make you miserable.

So what is a true definition of a soul mate? A soul family member that you have karmic history with and made an agreement within an incarnation that they would be there for you. Not just in a romantic way but in every way imaginable to help you grow spiritually and experience what you are here for, to learn what unconditional love is for self and others.

Conveyor belt of relationships

Drawing your soul mate into your life is like having a conveyor belt of relationships and partners pass by or connect with you until the timing and the perfect energetic match shows up. A true soul partnership clicks and falls in place, being perfectly aligned with yours and their destiny.

If you still feel you have not found that special person who falls into your category and description of a romantic soul mate, then there are pro-active thought processes, beliefs and actions that you can take to draw that perfectly synced relationship into your life. First on the list is you MUST believe that your romantic soul mate is out there for you! It is the critical point in preparation of manifesting him or her into your life.

The basic law of attraction states that you will attract to you those things that match your state of belief. The Universe is always mirroring back to us our beliefs about ourselves and the world. If we believe the world is a loving and friendly place, then most of the time that will be our experience.

If we believe the world is a chaotic, stressful, fearful and lonely place, then that becomes our reality. So believing and knowing that your romantic soul mate is out there is the biggest part of the formula for manifesting one.

Loveable people want love in their lives

Ask yourself, do you believe you are loveable? If you are desiring to have your romantic soul mate in your life, then you are loveable. Why? Because, loveable people want more love in their lives. But, if you believe you are not loveable, then these are some of the thought patterns that go through your head why they have not shown up yet.

Regardless of how attractive and successful you may be, if you have had any of these thoughts about why you are still without a loving partnership, you are subconsciously thinking you are unlovable.

The list usually goes something like this: “I’m too old, too fat, too damaged, too successful, not pretty enough, not successful enough, all the good ones are taken or nobody I want, wants me.” When you are feeling unlovable, that list can get pretty long.

What these thoughts create is knee-jerk excuses to keep you stuck in feelings of less than and loneliness. There is plenty of evidence that love is available to everyone regardless of age, weight or income or any other feeble excuse. Some changes you can make to draw in the romantic soul mate you are looking for is correcting how you feel about the basic relationship you have with love and yourself.

It’s not your job to know HOW your soul mate is going to appear, it’s only your job to be ready, willing and open to receive that love.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

The great playwright, Oscar Wilde said it best: “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” This advice can never be said too many times if you want a loving partner to show up in your life. There is someone for everyone out there, make yourself clearly visible to those who are also looking for their romantic soul mate by emanating your own love from within.

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