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Manifesting the Life You Want


Manifesting the Life You Want

Manifestation! The process of turning thoughts into things! Whether we realise it or not, we do it every day and the hype around the law of attraction these past few years says that everyone is able to attract more of the good stuff through the simple process of Ask – Believe – Receive!

Is it really so simple? We know it makes sense to be clear on what you actually do want, and how realistically possible it is. The changes deemed necessary to your daily existence in order that you are ready to receive. Consider that the process of manifestation may also involve a process of elimination. A little soul purging to assist on your life path. Wanting something different will always require doing something different in order that change takes place. Set the intention and the universe will provide as long as the required effort is made. This can feel confusing to those who believe that the law of attraction works in the manner of wishful thinking or prayer.

Quite simply, the way to go is to unapologetically ask for what you want. Being specific helps the desired outcome. You are absolutely instrumental in taking positive actions in order that manifestation occurs. Be realistic about your own talents, capabilities and resources, and that any toxic and superfluous energies are removed in a healthy manner. Playing with the process of getting into the right mind set, we get what we give. Like attracts like. High vibrational positive thoughts raise the mood, and raise the ability for more good. If you are looking for a new job or a way to get more wealth, then positivity is essential. Small sacrifices are a good place to start and can be made in the quest for something big, and for anyone who has ever heard of ‘The Marshmallow Test, ’ delayed gratification works.

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And so, how soon before we receive? Well, It’s not necessary to wait for anything to happen before you start the process of acquiring your dream job or your first million. Be happy with what you have right now. You don’t have to wait for your true love relationship to appear in order to love yourself. It makes sense that the more positive vibrational energy you emit, then the more you get back which is what you want anyway. It is not necessary to flog yourself. Wherever you put your energy and focus, is the area that will grow. Be the architect in your own life / mind.

Meditation and manifestation go hand in hand. Make your goals real in your own mind and on paper, consider who may share this journey, who has your back. No man is an island so don’t try to go it alone, however, the ultimate responsibility lies with yourself and your upgraded thought processes. Not everyone will want you to succeed. It may be necessary to cut down on time with miserable friends, but no need to remove them completely. Not everyone will take your life plan seriously and that’s ok.

Focusing on what you do want as opposed to what you don’t want is key. Take daily actions, however if there is an obvious reason that progress is not being made, then consider why and how the obstacle to your progress can be removed. Manifestation is unlikely to happen overnight. Do not underestimate progress however slow. Maintain the understanding that you have taken one of the first steps in manifesting what you want.

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Diana-Julie’s Verdict

Manifestation will work for those who buy into this process. Conversely, for anyone believing it to be nonsense, it’s unlikely to work. Belief systems play a big part towards getting what you want. Make it a priority to understand who you are and why you behave in a certain way and don’t allow others to label you in the manner that does not resonate with your authentic self. Essentially your mind believes what you tell it to believe, for better or worse. If the life that you wish for yourself has so far eluded you, consider your actions up to this point and how you use your power. Let’s leave the last word to David James Lees, ‘Be mindful of your self-talk. It’s a conversation with the universe.’

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Diana-Julie is an international life coach and spiritual counselor.  She has worked with numerous people globally in their quest for personal empowerment and manifestation of dreams. A Reiki Master and natural healer, her personal passions of writing and spirituality serve to assist in removing obstacles for those seeking her guidance.

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