Manifesting Your Desires With The Magician Tarot

The Magician

Manifesting Your Desires With The Magician Tarot

The Magician Tarot is a great card to show up in a reading spread for any area of your life. It confirms you have the creative power and energy to craft a new life cycle for yourself with the Universe totally supporting you. When the Magician appears, your higher self is telling you to make the effort and do what is necessary to obtain your heart’s desires, raise the bar and reach for the gold ring.

This card is also a good omen when you have a specific wish or beginning a new project that involves getting creative in transforming your life to something better. This is a great tarot card for new ideas and changes as it is giving you the help and wisdom from all the elements. It indicates you are moving in a direction using your own special powers, skills, concentration and resourcefulness that you may have never tapped into before.

When the Magician is in reverse, it can sometimes represent illusion, smoke and mirror plans being made, daydreaming without the effort being put into getting what you desire. It is a suggestion that in order for you to see the results you hope for, it will not come into being on its own without your assistance and skills. The Magician is all about action. If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing. If you are not sure where to start, then just do something, because anything is better than nothing. The card is telling you there is future success, if you put the effort into making it happen.

In general, when the Magician card appears, you may start noticing synchronicities pointing towards your heart’s desires, regardless of how superficial they may be. The Magician is lighting the way for you to create magick in your life by changing your thoughts, actions and moving you into positive outcomes. It is an encouraging card showing you that potential is there, but you have to go for it!

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

In Career, this card always indicates an improvement in your work. Especially if your vocation is in the creative field, it illustrates your creative juices will be flowing and met with appreciation. This may lead to raises, promotions or making the big decision of starting up your own business. If looking for work, the Magician is stating to get more creative in the way you are searching. Try a daring approach and put your resume in for a job you would have never applied for before.

Where Love and relationships are being focused on, it is usually an indication that someone new is coming into your life. The Magician is showing you the magick of two love energies working to connect. Finding each other, will of course, depend on how much effort you put into it. He won’t walk up to your front door and introduce himself as your new partner, so be sure to put yourself out there by accepting invitations you might have turned down before. You just never know when the timing lines up perfect! If you are already in a relationship, you may see a deeper bonding between the two of you.

When Money is being focused on, it confirms the Magician is using his manifesting skills for your finances to start looking better. Even if you cannot think of where those resources would come from, something will show up to make your bank account a little fatter. Stay focused on expanding any possibilities and keep your thoughts and energies off lack and not having enough. What you focus on, you bring more of.

In Health concerns or just staying healthy, if you have been feeling a little under the weather, you will soon see things taking an upswing for the better. The Magician shows the return of a healthy body and your strength by making changes to your diet and possibly trying alternative therapies such as nutritional counseling.

The Magician is a powerful card to come up when you are venturing into new ideas of Spirituality. This shows that you are open to different viewpoints that you might not have before or haven’t had the opportunity to pursue. A spiritual teacher may now appear in your life in the form of a mentor, new books on different spiritual thoughts of how to connect with the Universe on different levels.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

I like the Magician card to show up in any reading, even if comes up reversed. It shows that big potential is on the horizon and the Universe is giving you all the assistance you need to make your heart’s desires happen. When those growth windows open, don’t let them pass you by. Be pro-active and go after what you want!

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  1. Hey,I’m new to this tarot readings. It’s very upsetting to me. My man is very into these cards and physics and horoscopes. I’m really unsure of it all. If u have time could u plz help me.? Thank you.

    1. I would like one tarot card reading just to see what comes up…more clarity for me…I always wanted one to see what it says …what I pull…I have strong vibes on this matter…never done one before in my life…Buy I am limited on funds…

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