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Mariah Carey dazzles the crowd in Las Vegas

Mariah Carey Caesers Palace

Mariah Carey dazzles the crowd in Las Vegas

Well I suppose the headline would have you saying of course she did, she always does. But in true Diva style Mariah Carey lived up to all expectations at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. She might be 46 years old, but you wouldn’t think it to look at her. She wore a pink sequin body suit while perched upon a jet ski and in true diva style she surrounded herself with hunky sailors.

Well you have to give it to her; she is a true professional and a trend setter in her own right. As the night went on she changed into a selection of equally stunning sheer looks on her #1 to infinity show. Really Mariah is the kind of artist other artists would dread coming on stage after, because she certainly is a one of a kind performer. Also as a mother of two, I’ll bet there are moms all over the world standing in front of the mirror wondering how she does it. Don’t worry girl; everyone is unique and equally wonderful.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

What are the cards saying about Mariah? Well ok it’s only been a short while since I did the cards for her, but the lady fills me with good energy when I tune into Mariah. She drew The Three of Cups, this is the card of love and those within her loving family circle. Apart from the Mariah Carey we see on stage, there is the home loving family girl who we don’t see, but believe me she is there. What we see is the next card The Queen of Coins, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I reckon she got this card the last time to. It’s the diva card. But don’t get me wrong, she is far from all bling and a little dim, there is a good head on those shoulders and The Page of Coins shows there is more to this lady than we will know for a long time to come. It’s all good. She makes me want to pull up a chair and chat with her and have a laugh, and there are not many who send out that Aura. I’m still loving Mariah.

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