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Mariah Carey shows Supermodels how to do it like a Diva!

Miariah Carey Diva

Mariah Carey shows Supermodels how to do it like a Diva!

46-year-old Mariah Carey strutted her stuff in serious style whilst in St. Tropez to support Leonardo DiCaprio‘s environmental charity, showing supermodels how to do it like a Diva! The talented ‘5-octave vocal range’ songstress walked the boards in a black gown, accessorizing with some serious bling. Mariah’s reputation as hugely talented but difficult to work with and not wishing to share the limelight Diva behaviours are further enhanced by an alleged $35 million insurance policy on her voice and now, the Billionaire boyfriend. In fact, the 5-octave vocal range really is a big deal, surpassed by few bar Axle Rose of Guns ‘n’ Roses fame. Yes, Axle Rose has the same vocal range as Ms. Carey. This is one lady whose diva attributes are well and truly earned! Mariah has reportedly donated more than $15 million to this particular charity and has credited Leonardo with doing a ‘Great Job!’ The singer was seen out on the French Riviera doing a spot of midnight shopping at a Dolce & Gabbana boutique. ‘Because I can daahhlings!’

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did Mariah draw today? We have the King of Hearts, the Prince of Hearts and the King of Wands. The King of Hearts pertains to the charity event. Mariah understands that this is a cause close to Leonardo’s heart and she appreciates how her position of privilege can be used to its best alongside fellow hobnobbers, appealing to the emotions and conscience of potential financial donors. The Prince of Hearts represents Mariah herself, always a charming and welcome guest to any event displaying certain behaviour’s that draw the right kind of attention.  Essentially, she acts with good taste and is not afraid to express herself with an open heart. This is one lady who is more than happy to put her money where her mouth is. The King of Wands shows Mariah’s business side or rather how she may attempt to dominate events with said diva traits. She understands that the obligatory diva behaviour comes under the umbrella of work and this she takes very seriously indeed. There is a loyalty and generosity within Mariah but also an arrogance that may be perceived to detract from the good work that she does. An honest soul who wishes to live her truth. Keep up the good work Mariah, we salute you!

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