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How is Mariah Carey doing since her split with James Packer?

Mariah Carey

How is Mariah Carey doing since her split with James Packer?

This Week Mariah Carey appeared on Ellen, and of course, Ellen had to ask her how she was doing in the wake of her breakup with her Ex-fiance James Parker. Mariah put on a brave face as she tried to talk about it, but the heartache was obvious. She said that she still finds it hard to talk about the breakup, and moved on to discuss Ellens table decorations.Anyone who has ever been in a breakup situation, which is possibly the whole population,will understand where Mariah is now.

To Mariah. I felt like you needed a hug on Ellen because you would want to be made of stone not to feel the pain of where you are. It’s hard enough to deal with something like this when you are an ordinary person on the street. But when you are Mariah Carey, it is made public for the world to see, Let me assure you that all of your fans would feel as I do. Nothing but compassion. It’s as though it was happening to our sister, and nobody wants to see their sister hurt.

Let’s throw some cards out for you Mariah, and see what they say.

The Knight of Cups.
A broken heart can rarely be mended by anyone other than the person who broke it. And yet is that the answer? This card speaks of James Packer having a love rival who has been sitting back in the shadows waiting for their opportunity. This heart is in love with the person,not the celebrity. They may appear around the holiday season but as a friend or friend of a friend. Your heart needs repairing time, and he understands this. Your heart will be rebuilt,

The Devil Card.
The hardest part about losing someone is the habit of having them around. They become part of your everyday routine. The face at the table, the phone messages. Looking forward to seeing them every day. All of this needs to be changed to help you to recover. The Devil card talks of habits that must be broken.

The King of Coins.
Here it signals that your new love interest is within your career. He is an entertainer with a big heart. Someone who understands your life and all the ups and downs that come with it. His heart is strong. He is not James, but if you give him a chance, in time you will be asking “James who?”

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Heartache is one of the hardest things to deal with because it’s inflicted by someone we expected to protect us. it appears they have just walked off into the sunset with no damage, no memory, and no regrets. This is our head telling us this and it’s not helping. Of course, he remembers, of course, he didn’t walk away with no pain, But as you said on Ellen’s show. Everything happens for a reason. Watch this space, all will be well,

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