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Marilyn Monroe ’s secret telegram.

Marilyn Monroe Telegram

Marilyn Monroe ’s secret telegram.

Following the anniversary of the late Princess of Monaco who would have turned 87 last weekend, a telegram from Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly has been revisited.

It was revealed this year that both actresses were a consideration for Prince Rainier of Monaco. ‘The New Republic’ reported that Marilyn sent a telegram to Grace Kelly saying, ‘I’m so happy you found a way out of this business’ on the day of the Hitchcock actress’s marriage to the Monaco Prince.

Apparently, Greek native Aristotle Onassis who had business interests in Monaco turned to Prince Rainier’s royal adviser to suggest that the prince should connect with one of the most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world by choosing a wife who was a famous Hollywood star. Mr Onassis reportedly suggested Marilyn Monroe as first choice for potential bride but Grace Kelly was the final choice due to Marilyn’s perceived undignified public image.

Prince Rainier reportedly met Grace Kelly in 1955 when she was filming Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch a Thief,’ they married the following year and Kelly gave up her acting career.
Let’s look at the dynamics between two of Hollywood’s finest leading ladies.

Véronique’s Verdict

The cards drawn are The Tower, The Lovers and The World.

The Tower represents Grace under fire, figuratively and literally. I feel that Grace Kelly understood the nature of the industry in which she lived and worked. As an actress who married a Prince, it was necessary to remove old and possibly false values in order to find a new way of life that was both challenging and liberating.

The Lovers is Marilyn’s significator. Being considered first choice as the potential wife of a Prince, the issue of vice and virtue raised its head. The choice was made and whether Marilyn Monroe believed that she was in the running for potential marriage, she gracefully offered her sincere wishes to the ‘better lady.’

The World reveals the two ladies in their finest hour. Both actresses achieved world fame and fortune through attaining knowledge and application to hard work.

Today’s cards tell us that there was no rivalry between the actresses. More so, they understood the challenges faced in an industry perceived as ruthless. Both ladies are iconic in their own right and both ladies left the earth too soon.

RIP Princess Grace of Monaco. RIP Marilyn Monroe.

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