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What has Married at First Sight ‘star‘ Nick Pendergrast in a spin?

Nick Pendergrast

What has Married at First Sight ‘star ‘Nick Pendergrast in a spin?

It’s a role play as old as marriage itself and yet it still puts every man in a spin. The meeting of the in-laws. In all fairness, Nick made an attempt to impress by tidying up the place before they came. This shows the sign of a son-in -law who wants to make a good impression. If he didn’t care he could have just left things as they were and said, “take it as you find it it’s none of your business”.

Apparently, in a sneak preview, he gets the age old grilling from his Father-in-law. “When you started this Marriage what were your expatiations?” Well, while understanding the father’s concern for his daughter. It’s really between the two of them. Sonia’s father went on to press, “like the church says ‘forever’ That’s Sonia’s expectations, do you come with the same expectations, married forever or what?” Apparently , Nick froze. Now what does that say about the state of the marriage?

There was a time and a culture where this kind of marriage was common and worked well. So let’s not take things on face value. What do the cards say for Nick Pendergrast and where is his heart?

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Nick Pendergrast these cards are for you.

The Five of Cups

This card shows that you are apparently on an emotional trial. There is a feeling of being watched and every move being analyzed. To your credit, you are standing your ground and living up to what you set out to do. In some cases, it’s like you can’t do right for doing wrong, but you haven’t backed down. It would appear your heart is set on completing this task. It’s about being happy and settled.

The Chariot Card

This is the constant battle of the negative and the positive. Both can be found in every situation or path that we choose to walk. Which one will win depends on the effort we put into the task and how we feel about the desired outcome. Your efforts to impress your In-laws by tidying up showed that you do care. You are putting in the effort for the long haul.

The Eight of Cups

The emotional journey card. Everyone knows that it takes time to get to know each other. Most relationships have a courting stage, and engagement and then a marriage. Both of you have to cover all this, while also dealing with a new marriage, but it’s possible because you are both on the same journey. Although it hasn’t revealed itself yet, this pairing is full of warmth and balance.


With time comes understanding, but there is more than that. There is a warm energy from both of these people that tells me that they are willing to try this for what it is worth. It’s not about looking years away, it’s about now. By taking this day by day, they allow the emotional side to strengthen. If I was to be asked if they will make it to the first anniversary? I would have to say yes, but in-laws, back off a little for now.

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