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Marvel’s New Series ‘ Inhumans ’ Seems To Feature Trump-Like Villain


Marvel’s New Series ‘ Inhumans ’ Seems To Feature Trump-Like Villain

Marvel’s newest superhero series may have more of a political edge than previous works. “ Inhumans ,” which debuts Sept. 29 on ABC, focuses on a royal family of super-powered aliens who move to Earth after a military coup in their former home. The main villain, Maximus, is also an alien but based on a series of clips previewed at the San Diego Comic-Con, he seems to share more than a few similarities with President Donald Trump.
First, the name Maximus sounds like the moniker Trump would have picked if he was a superhero. Like Trump, Maximus knows how to work a crowd. According to the previewed clips, he manages to become king of the Inhumans despite having the support of only 40 percent of the populous. Maximus, played by Welsh actor Iwan Rheon, is also very worried about refugee Inhumans coming into his territory and he has serious personal boundary issues. In one of the scenes, Maximus tries to grab his brother’s wife, Medusa (Serinda Swan), only to have her choke him with her red hair. Whether Maximus turns out to be like Trump in other ways remains to be seen.

Now a little background on who the Inhumans are. First of all, the characters came from “The Inhumans” comic, unsurprisingly. They are superhuman beings created by the Kree, an advanced alien race introduced in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD episode ‘TAHITI’. They discovered life on Earth, planted by the Celestials, had potential to be something more. They wanted to build a powerful mutant race (yes, we said mutant, they’re a bit like the X-Men) to fight in their war against their enemy, the Skrulls. However, the Kree eventually abandoned their lab rats and the Inhumans began to build their own society, named Attilan. The Inhumans’ home was separated from the rest of the human race and they began experimenting with the Terrigen Mists that bring on superhuman powers. The Inhumans discovered mutations when putting beings through Terrigenesis, so began to selectively breed to avoid negative effects from using the mists. This led to the Inhuman Royal Family, which consists of their king Black Bolt, his wife Medusa, his brother Maximus the Mad and Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal and her giant teleporting dog, Lockjaw. Phew! Got all that! Lol!

The TV series will be an “origin story” that sets up the classic comic book status quo. According to Iwan Rheon (who plays Maximus), “In most of the literature, the story has already started and the characters are sort of established, whereas this feels to me a lot more like an origin story,” he said. “Where we pick up the story of Inhumans is not what’s necessarily in all the literature.” If you can’t wait for the series to be televised, on
Sept. 1, the first two episodes of the show will preview in IMAX theaters nationwide.

Will This New Series “Inhumans” Point Out The Parallels Of Elitism That Have Always Existed?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Yes, it will. There now seems to be a trend in movies and TV series to make strong political statements in regards to what is happening in the world today. I believe what Star Trek started, all these different species sci-fi shows now being introduced are trying to teach us how to heal our own human frailties. This new series will also try to accomplish that.

Queen of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)
This is a sensitive feminine energy that is also intuitive and psychic. Since drawn inverted, I believe it represents the message this new series is trying to get across…not being in tune to our feminine side of compassion and oneness.

Ten of Swords: This is hard challenges to be met. I believe this particular series will be very forthcoming in showing how not to deal with others who are different than you and using special gifts to get what you want.

Three of Pentacles: Inverted
This is a card of predicted future success at something. Since drawn inverted, I feel the message here is what could happen in any future society if we cannot find the compassion and respect needed between our differences.

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