Master Numerology Weekly Draw July 28th

Numerology draw

Master Numerology Weekly Draw

Welcome to your Numerology weekly forecast from your pick of the Master Numbers. We live with numbers everyday and our universe is a mathematical equation.

To choose your Master Number, close your eyes, focus on the Master Number above that draws you in and see what the week’s numerology forecast will be for you.

If you are unfamiliar with Master Numbers in numerology or how to find your own life number, click on the link and it will explain what each Master Number foundation is and what energy you can expect for that week. Once you have picked your Master Number, it will support and coincide with the week’s number and the Tarot number linked to it.

This week is a 7+2+8+2+0+1+9= 2+9= 11 is a Master 11 Week (I do not break down the Master 11,22,33 weeks like I would a sub Master weeks like 55=10, which would equal a 1 week.

Master Number 11 Draw:

Since this is Master Number 11 week, you can expect some pretty weird things going on in the unexplainable for you this week. The Tarot connect is a combination of a 10 and Aces which represents a full circle week. Aces always are about new beginnings and taking advantage of new potentials. With the 10 Tarot attached to it, there is also a completion of a cycle that is necessary for those new beginnings to happen. Since this is an 11 week and if you have pulled the Master 11 Numerology card, your intuition will be on high alert in almost every area of your life. Your charisma will in full bloom and you may find drawing new people into your life a little easier than before. With a double Master 11 week, when your higher self grabs you by collar and leads you to do something or make some drastic change, it is always wise to just jump in fearlessly without plausible explanation of why, and just do it. You are possibly being led to some pretty dramatic life changes this week and your higher self can see the potholes in the road ahead. Can’t explain the feeling, don’t try. Just follow the yellow brick road of a new experience, whether small or huge, it is going to have impact on your life.

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Master Number 22 Draw:

With an 11 week and working with the “Master Builder” you have chosen, this week has all the potential of you seeing something finally in materialize that has long been on your mind or in the planning stages for you. Once again, you are dealing with a combination of a 10 and Aces Tarot week supporting the Master 22 draw. You will feel a new inspiration to possibly pick up a future plan you had in mind and finally start to finish the project you put on the back burner. With these number combinations for this week, you will find that you have more drive and ambition, even it if it is just the decision to finally clean out your closet or garage. It doesn’t have to be a major life project but it will be a project that you feel compelled to finish. It could also represent the need and desire to bring closure to an attachment, possibly an unrequited relationship in order to build space for a new one. The strongest message here as the “Master Builder” is that in order to build something new, the old must come down.

Master Number 33 Draw:

Drawing the highest Master card number along with the week’s number of a 1 week, this should be a pretty interesting week for you. These are usually the weeks you have those “aha” moments on something that has been on your mind for awhile. This is the Master Number of the Master Teacher. The conclusion will be that you will be learning something about yourself or someone else that you had never noticed before. It could be one of those romantic moments of “Oh My Gosh, I love this guy not just like him”! Or, you know I never noticed before what a jerk that guy is. Since it is a 33 Master number, it will come to you without any doubt or question but an absolute knowing. That is what those “aha” moments are about, without doubt and an absolute willingness to accept your new information because it just feels it is coming from a place where your higher awareness is in charge, the Master energy of 33. I am not saying this will be a spiritual awakening for you that all of a sudden you can walk on water but it will be about something of importance to you. The Tarot connection of a 33 Master Number draw is the 10 and Aces which represent a full circle of new beginnings and the closing of cycles.

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