Master Numerology Weekly Draw Sep 9th 2019


Master Numerology Weekly Draw

Welcome to your Numerology weekly forecast for the week of September 9th from the Master Numbers. We live with numbers everyday and our universe is one huge mathematical equation.

To choose your Master Number, close your eyes, focus on the Master Number that draws you in and see your week’s numerology forecast will be for you.

If you are unfamiliar with Master Numbers in numerology or how to find your own life number, click on the link and it will explain what each Master Number foundation is. Once you have picked your Master Number, it will support and coincide with the week’s Tarot number and your personal life number linked to it. Please remember this is a general reading but your personal life number will also form and direct the different outcomes.

Going forward, I am slightly changing the format for the Master Numerology weekly forecast. I have never been “by the book reader” and my tarot forecasts reflect the same, as I do not follow the Celtic Cross precisely but my own version of it. Each number that is calculated for the week has a supporting tarot card up to the number 10. I feel it limits what the universe wants to share with you. So instead of staying within the 10 Tarot number rule, I will let the universe randomly choose a card that will represent and support the Master Number you have chosen. It will offer a broader and more interesting forecast. Good luck on the Master Number you choose for this week.

Going into the second week of September 9th in the astrological sign of Virgo, we have a Three Numerology week. 0+9+0+9+2+0+1+9 = 30 = 3+0 = 3.

We are also looking at a Harvest Full Moon on the Saturday the 14th which will have a strong effect on the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

The supporting Tarot card for this week’s Master Number forecast is Strength. A Three Master week is usually associated with optimism, creativity, abundance and freedom seeking. Since we have pulled the Strength tarot card for this Master Numerological week, you are looking at a week that you will feel the pull to find the courage to do something different: get those purple streaks in your hair that you have been wanting or finally finding the courage to make THE big change in your life in an area you have felt small and suffocated.

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Choosing Master Number 11: Intuition

Since the Master Number 11 is always about your intuitive feelings, having a Three Numerology week and the Strength Tarot foundation attached to will usually mean that little voice in your head, that has been telling you NOT to be afraid of change and standing up for yourself is not going to leave you alone until you do something brave. Whether you recognize and take a step forward into the big girl ring of courage or you are pushed and something comes out of your mouth before you even realize that you just told someone you have been wanting to say “piss off and mind your own business”, it will send a ripple of recognition that you have just become bigger and stronger in your own self-appreciation. Not saying the first time it happens, there won’t be repercussions but follow that inner voice leading you to let go of feeling like life’s stepping stone for someone else to express their anger or frustration at you. It will feel good, you will definitely want to do it again as soon as possible. Just stay alert of that old pendulum swing. Once you get a taste of your authentic strength, it can sometimes lead to getting pretty obnoxious if not tempered, till it finally balances out. It is that feeling of: “OMG! I have wanted to do or say that for so long and it feels great, I want more!!!!!!

Choosing Master Number 22: Master Builder

Always when you choose the Master Builder number 22 for the week, it is about you starting to build new foundations to teach you what natural strength of self, bringing the feeling of fearlessness. Fear is created by the ego projecting scenarios that you have no control over. This Three week you will take a few baby steps to lay that foundation down to draw to your circumstances allowing you to take a good look at areas of your life, evaluating if you are standing on foundations of sand or stone. As in all structures that have been around for awhile, before renovations begin, old foundations must be taken down to make room for building something new. Your ego hates change and would rather have you stay in familiar misery and that is where our Tarot support card of Strength will serve you. If it feels scary with the shaky foundations of where the new life renovations will take you, ask the universe for the courage to at least take the first baby step in re-building a happier life. Stay open to different approaches of tackling the familiar. Building new beliefs about oneself, how you view others and how you live your life takes courage and strength. Draw that strength from whomever you know supports you in the ethereal realms; angels, spirit guides, Avatars, God, Buddha, Mother Mary, Jesus or pick any from the long list of loving supporters helping you navigate this incarnation. This is your week to feel your inner Wonder Woman, even for just a moment. Be careful to pick and choose the situations where you finally have the opportunity to feel that inner strength. Baby steps!!!!

Choosing Master Number 33: Master Teacher

The Master Number 33 is always about the lessons your soul came to experience in order to spiritually grow.
Since it is a Three Master week, coinciding with the Master Number 33 Teacher, the supporting Strength Tarot card will have many learning lessons for you this week. Some about others in your life, some about who you thought YOU were and discover you want to be someone else; you realize you have outgrown certain friends, career, habits and how you view life on the whole. When having the Master Teacher’s energy in control of the week, your soul’s higher self will definitely put opportunities in front of you to learn something new you had not been aware of before. Whether it is one of those “ouch” self-awareness lessons or taking the rose-colored glasses off of how you view the controlling people in your life. Discovering in a “aha” moment of clarity how awesome and strong you really are and what learning to be self-contained really means. Regardless of who loves you or who doesn’t, surrounded by family or alone, creative or corporate, it all really comes down to embracing your inner strength of character (supported by many in the ethereal realm) you were imprinted with upon incarnation. Find it and learn to use it. As I mentioned before, fear is an illusion created by the ego’s projection of an unsafe future. Make you own future with an attitude of depending on a sure thing, YOU!

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