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What is Matthew Perry’s deep dark secret?

What it Matthew Perry deep dark secret?

What is Matthew Perry’s deep dark secret?

It’s not the kind of thing you hear every day. And even if you were in his shoes, you would keep it to yourself. It’s the kind of thing you do in your own time and behind closed doors. You would close the curtains so the neighbours can’t see. But Matthew Perry broke the silence and revealed it to the world. That, yes! He has a Batman Room.
Quite frankly, I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t got one Matthew. It would have meant that “Friends” was a lie, and shattered my faith in everything I ever knew. You were quoted as saying that he thinks it pretty sexy, as the room is completely devoted to the DC Comics hero. Well, I guess all you need now is to find a cat woman to share it with. Maybe some lady with about 15 cats?

Honestly, it’s good to see you Matthew back on the celeb feed again (not that you ever really left it). To myself and many of my generation, you are like an old friend who with the cast of Friends, put the happiness back into life in our darkest days. We know you had your struggles, and he came through them, and we wish you well with your future. So let’s spin a few cards for you and see if there is anything brewing.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Well, opening these cards I’m feeling a good heart behind the person. You had your struggles, Matthew, now is the time to bring the fun back into life and enjoy the journey.

The Sun Card Opens a new era in your life. There is a feeling of you being on the doorstep of a new beginning as the sunrises over a new day. It is important that you realise what was done is done, but what this day is offering is priceless. It’s a new start, a rebirth. Take from the day that is gone, only what is useful. The lessons. But leave the strains and pains back there. They won’t serve you well in the future.

The Five of Wands This is a renewed energy. It’s like finding new pieces of yourself on every step as you work and live. Each day opens a little bit more of the realisation of who you are and why you are on this journey. People are important. New people bring new energy, and new friends become just as valuable as old ones. I’m breathing a sigh of relief over something, but it’s something you would understand. Something that didn’t come to be, would not have served you well anyhow.

The Empress Card She is the Mother of new things and rebirth. The Ancient Irish would call her Bridget, Mother nature in the spring months and what does she do for the year? She returns what we thought we had lost. She brings new things forward, and she offers us a second chance at things we thought we had lost. Be open to trying something new. I’m feeling the Holiday season into the New Year is a not just a time of reflection. But in your case Matthew it’s a time of reconnection.
I hope this gives you a lift for the day Matthew Perry and keep spreading the fun in life. But keep some for yourself also.

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