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Maureen McCormick aka Marcia Brady reduced to tears.

Florence Henderson Maureen Mccormick

Maureen McCormick aka Marcia Brady reduced to tears.

Actress Maureen McCormick was reduced to tears when she relayed her wonderful relationship with her TV mother Florence Henderson. Maureen played Marcia Brady in the hit TV program “The Brady Bunch”. She revealed the special bond that grew between them over the years of filming the series. Maureen explained how she was in total disbelief after hearing of the passing of Florence. It happened so fast. In a statement about Florence, Maureen said:

“She was an incredible example of how to live our life, she was that sweet. She really was the loveliest of ladies.”

To Maureen:
The passing of someone who has been with us all our life is always a heavy burden to carry. As humans, we rush through life as best we can with our everyday ups and downs. Rarely do we stop and take account of how temporary things are and we rarely pay heed to how temporary the people we sail through life with are. Florence was a huge part of your childhood. Her presence brought you back to a more innocent time in your life. A time when the people like Florence made sure you were protected and safe. This leaves us with a sense of insecurity when they pass. A sense of being alone and vulnerable.

The Journey of the Soul:
In spirituality, the way we understand the balance of life differs to some extent from mainstream religions. We believe that within each being there is a soul. We recognise this soul in the energy the person gives off in life and that sparkle in their eye which betrays their kindness and love. When the body which carries this soul can no longer function, then the soul moves on. Everything that we knew and loved about that person is still complete, still around us and still caring for us. Only it now exists in energy form known as the soul. The soul is not restricted by the confines and the pains of flesh, it is now at total peace.

Coping with the loss:
Everyone at some stage has had the experience of realising someone is behind you without hearing, seeing or touching them. Only to turn around and there they are in the flesh. What we have picked up on is not the flesh, but their energy or their soul presence. It is understandable that we mourn the loss of the mortal being we loved so dearly. This is a very natural reaction. That grief gives off a tremendous amount of love energy, which can connect with theirs. It’s our way of saying we love you. We must also move on in their honour and make them proud. Be the person they wanted you to be, show them that their guidance has empowered you.

Your connection:
Every now and then through the journey of your life, you will think about them with a smile for no reason. Know then that they are close. You may even smell something that reminds you of them, but know for sure, they will never abandon you. They are safe now. Nothing can harm them or hurt them, but your love for them will keep you connected. When your time comes, you will meet them once again and recognise that energy and warmth. Be strong Maureen, she knows how much you loved her. RIP Florence Henderson.

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