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Maybe It’s Not a Curse, Could Just be the Evil Eye

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Maybe It’s Not a Curse, Could Just be the Evil Eye

Life, in general, is a constant struggle. It is extremely rare that all areas of your life be completely on target and without struggle. But what about when it seems everything around you is falling apart? Your personal relationships have turned negative, you’re broke, the roof is leaking and your car will not start. Some people may come to believe that they were born under a dark cloud or that someone has put a curse or hex on them.

Maybe it is the evil eye.

Evil eye is basically a magical curse with its origins in mystical thinking and superstition. Quite often borne of jealousy, it is a curse caused by a malicious glare and, in some cases, a mere thought of wishing ill will toward another. Loss of good fortune, illness, injury, even death can be the result of evil eye. It can be cast upon any person, animal, plant or inanimate object such as vehicles and homes.

It goes back as far as ancient Greek and Roman times. There are even mentions of it in the Christian Bible.

The evil eye can be transmitted completely without the sender’s knowledge in some cases. That person need only think very seriously about the object of their jealous intent such as being completely focused on the achievements or good looks of another to the point that it almost consumes them. Without knowing, that negative energy is thus transferred to the other person.

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There are also persons who transmit the it knowing full well what the consequences may be. These are often jealous, insecure individuals who simply feel that they have no control over their own lives or that they have been slighted or cheated in some way. While sending of the evil eye is not as involved as performing a ritual or curse, the effects can be just as drastic.

It was a long-held belief that any physical illness that could not be explained medically was the result of the evil eye. Even today, people who suffer from frequent headaches, skin issues, recurring illness and mental concerns such as depression and unexplained fright are quick to chalk it all up to it.

I have counseled individuals who cannot seem to get ahead professionally despite all of their best efforts as well as persons who cannot maintain a good, loving relationship with any one other person in their lives. I have even seen the evil eye wreak havoc in the lives of generations over time.

Fortunately, there are ways of protecting yourself from evil eye such as the wearing of amulets, charms and talismans. There are also countless spells, incantations and chants to help deter the it as well. Garlic is a good tool used to protect against the evil eye.

Tamara’s Verdict

If you feel that you have been the target of the evil eye, there are many, many rituals and processes by which the it may be removed. Objects used often include eggs, mustard seeds, salt and even coconut. Do be careful when seeking the assistance of another person and paying to be freed of the effects of the evil eye. As with all rituals and magical workings, the power is in the intent. No one is more intent on the desired positive result than you.

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  1. Wow..thats crazy I knew nothing about the evil eye..but about a year and a half ago that subject kept piping visions and things I have read about and I just new and feared it..i went to a really dark places because I refused to have fears of what I was seeing and was a trying time in my life..the visions ..vibrations..sorrows..loss..addicton I don’t know I still carry all with me but I’m clean and a stronger Person from it..dont know where I’m headed in this life but I take it one day at a time all will be revealed in time I’m seeking out things I’ve never imagined and I will learn who I am and what it all means after I find out where I came from I just know it xoxo

  2. I’ve been cursed since the age of four and nothing has gone my way for anything nothing but bad luck and I’m hoping that all changes soon for the better!

  3. My life is a mess. The explanation of the evil eye explains my exact situation. People are hurting me and I don’t know how to fix it. Everyone I turn to thinks I’m crazy because the people hurting me hide it so well. They are sneaky and have help and money. Things I don’t have. So people believe I’m some horrible terrible piece of garbage and I’m not. I do make mistakes just like anyone else but I don’t use others pain to boost my ego and that’s exactly what’s happening. But instead of taking responsibility they’re blaming it on me it’s really disgusting. It makes me sick litterally. I hope some day they will be caught and all that they’ve done to people that didn’t deserve it be punished and published the way they’ve done to me.

    1. Heather, sometimes we just have to cut out the toxic people in our lives, even if they’re family. Do a thorough cleansing on yourself and your living space then choose to surround yourself with better persons. Blessings to you!

  4. ive had three or four people tell me i have the evil eye curse and i honestly believe it as well bc as far back as i can remember its always been bad in my life even when i try to stay positive or think positive or even surround my self with positive and no matter what something bad always happens !! 🙁

    i honestly just wished it would go away bc i honestly dont know how much more i can tolerate
    and yes the same people who told me about it claimed they could help me get rid of it but ofcourse that came with a price but bc i am unemployed at the moment i am unable to pay for anything

  5. i have had 3 or 4 diff people tell me that i have this evil eye curse and i honestly believe i am cursed in some way, which way that is i have no clue. but no matter what i do or how i think or what i surround myself with its always a bad outcome. no matter how hard i try to stay positive it doesnt help at all. and this has been going on as far back as i can remember ! and no matter how much good i do, something bad always happens and idk how much more i can tolerate! and of course the individuals tell me they can help me get rid of it at a price which i am unable to pay because i am unemployed at the moment as well.
    so i dont know what to do anymore
    i just really wished it would go away and stop