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The ‘Me Too’ Movement Raises the Uncomfortable Truth

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The Importance of the ‘Me Too’ Movement

Sexual assault is a crime unlike any other. The victims are mostly women, but that’s where the common factor ends. It can happen to any woman, any time, in any country. There are no exceptions.

The wounds that it leaves behind aren’t only physical, of course. They are spiritual and emotional wounds that can last a lifetime. For years a victim might jump when someone accidentally touches them on the bus. They might recall dreadful memories when they hear the news that it happened to someone else.

But the worst part is the incredible isolation of it. Feelings of shame can cause people to withdraw, even though they have done absolutely nothing wrong. So what would normally help, can’t this time. Their families can’t support them and feel helpless because they don’t know what the problem is. Victims feel scared, scarred, alone and devastated.

People are communal animals. The burden of tragedies and hardships are easiest when borne together. These women need to know that they aren’t alone. They need to find a way to start living their lives again. A happy, fulfilling life. But first, they need to talk about what happened to them, no matter how long ago it was.

Alyssa Milano gives name to a movement

Recent news about Harvey Weinstein was like oil on fire. His alleged crimes stirred many memories of past assaults in victims all over the world. Women started to come forward, and their voices became louder in unity. Actress Alyssa Milano gave a name to it, calling it the ‘Me Too’ movement, but it was every woman who spoke up that gave it its power.

Unfortunately, rape and sexual assault is still a huge problem in our society, and it won’t disappear overnight. But this movement helps shine a light on the issue across the planet. It forces everyone to be reminded that this is happening, all the time, everywhere. It also helps victims share their experiences, their way of coping, of starting anew. Instead of being isolated by shame, victims are hearing ‘Me Too’ being shouted from people of every class, creed, race and nationality. This communal refusal to be silenced by the weight of societal guilt can be a powerful force for change, if we all open our ears to listen to the uncomfortable truth of it.

Let’s ask the cards what positive impact will the ‘Me Too’ Movement have on society.

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Card One: Five of Cups

The trauma from one’s past can be overwhelming, especially when we don’t have a means to cope with the pain. It is important to know though that what happened is in the past. It shouldn’t have to poison your present, too.

Five of Cups

Card Two: Six of Pentacles

Victims feel like they lost control over their own body, their life, their destiny. With the help of the ‘Me Too’ Movement, they can take that control back. It’s time to feel empowered and in charge!

Six of Pentacles

Card Three: King of Pentacles

As strange as this may sound, when bad things happen, they could be beneficial in a way. These traumas are horrible and terrifying, but they have a strong message. When you come out of them the other end, you will be much stronger. Try to remember: you aren’t alone.

King of Pentacles

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