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Meet the Peugeot Piano

Meet the Peugeot Piano

Meet the Peugeot Piano

Have you ever fell in love with a car? Did you wish you could get the same model, only in a different object? Well, there is good news for those whose answer is yes. Many car designers have been experimenting with their talents. Not just in the world of cars and vehicles.

Peugeot Design Lab is one of these. Since 2012 they have consulted over 50 outside companies. Yes, they have designed pianos, saddles and even salt & pepper grinders. One might think that this is quite unusual, right? Well, not so much for those who order these products.

There is prestige and consistency in a brand like Peugeot. If a company decides to commission a piece from the brand, they can expect a signature result.

“Quite often we get approached not because the client lacks a concept — often they do — but because they haven’t worked out how to tie it to their brand effectively. That disconnect can be there in existing companies, but it’s even more common when you’ve got someone with a great idea but no idea on how to create a brand and deliver the product within it.” Cathal Loughnane from Peugeot Design Lab says.

Furthermore, it can sky-rocket a company’s sales. Just think about it, people will rush to buy a Peugeot handbag or piano, wouldn’t they? It’s unconventional, unique and innovative, not to mention that it can create history – just like the cars did. Although, the price for these ‘inventions’ isn’t a few pennies, either.

Still, a lot of people are dying to get their hands on Porsche Pens, BMW Headphones, and Peugeot Pianos. They are quite a treat, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s ask the cards to see whether this is the future of technology.



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Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The Fool:
Being open to new opportunities is crucial. A leap of faith is necessary to overcome obstacles the car industry is facing now. So, although it is a necessary step, it is also an exciting one.

The Tower:
Things need to be shaken up in the car industry. What seemed to be a secure future is now fragile. It isn’t the same as it used to be. Having more options is always good, especially since they realize that the past cannot be changed.

Seven of Swords:
In a way, this is a coping mechanism, a way of survival. Cars might not be that popular all the time, and there is massive competition. Hence looking for new markets is crucial for survival. However, caution is needed. Is it worth sacrificing your dignity in order to stay afloat?


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