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Why did Megan Markle skip her co-worker’s wedding?

Megan Markle Missed Wedding

Why did Megan Markle skip her co-worker’s wedding?

Life changes for a girl when her life takes the fairy-tale twist. Megan Markle could testify to that since she started dating Prince Harry. She had to turn down a wedding invitation to her co-star’s wedding because she was afraid of upstaging the happy couple. Now some may say this is an arrogant approach. But think about it. The media are on her tail at every turn. Only last week Harry was in an article leaving her apartment after a short stay. The insinuation was that they had an argument. But even if they did, that would be their own business.

To Megan Markle.
I can fully understand and admire your decision. I do feel that your co-workers would have felt disappointed, but I’m sure they will understand. This is the pressure that goes with being in the spotlight and dating a guy who many women would envy you for. It’s all very well being a princess, but not if you must live in an ivory tower. Well, perhaps you can be the one to change the rules. Dianna spent her last year’s changing long-held rules and ideas. I’m sure she would give you her blessing.

Let’s see what the cards say about your path Megan Markle.

The Five of Cups. Cups are emotions, and five is an uneven number. Unfortunately, this points to outside influences being a problem in the initial stages. It’s like everything else, you just need to learn a new way of doing things and you will settle into a routine very quickly. Harry’s world is one of the formalities. He has no option but to follow protocol, as this is what he was born to do. The lady who stands by his side must do the same.

The Ace of Wands.
This card is about the learning you will need to do for the future. You are an intelligent woman and change although initially a little uncomfortable can be learned very quickly. It’s not about surrendering yourself completely, the cards say you are too strong a spirit for that. But it is a different way of life, and a new path to walk. Every little girl dreams of meeting a prince, just like you have. Now enjoy the reality.

The Four of Wands.
The balance of energy around your life. This energy is balancing out quite easily due to your ability to adjust to difficult situations. Harry emanates a more casual caring energy than the Royal image of previous years. Perhaps this is partly due to his Mothers influence, and her wish to give her boys as normal an upbringing as possible. This appears to have worked for Harry, as he does emanate the boy next door energy.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Happiness is something that everyone seeks and very few find. No relationship comes without its drawbacks. However, the heart overrides these little setbacks and brings us to a place of peace within what the relationship grows to be. These cards are showing a time of transition from one stage of your life to another. You have the ability to make this the fairy-tale. First, you need to ignore the intrusion of the press. Concentrate more you the two of you as a couple, and the rest will flow. 2017 will see a lot more media interest, but try to focus on you and not them. March is an important month so keep a watch for it.


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