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Is Mel Gibson the best director at the Oscars?

Is Mel Gibson the best director at the Oscars?

Is Mel Gibson the best director at the Oscars?

Mel Gibson surely knows what a woman wants and he has a brave heart. His movies speak for themselves, being filled with myriads of emotions. Not to mention his exquisite acting skills and the way he brings his characters to life. Are his directing skills just as good? It certainly seems like it. Not many know that his directing career goes back as far as Braveheart itself. The man surely has many talents.

That paid off in terms of money, as well as awards throughout the years. His net worth in 2011 was estimated at $425 million. But the 61-year-old actor & director’s career is still on the rise. His latest movie, Hacksaw Ridge earned him an Oscar nomination in Best Director category. He is up against tough competition, but who could compete with Mad Max?

Hacksaw Ridge is another masterpiece, one that left many people in tears when it first aired. It tells the true story of a soldier who saved 75 people during WW2. He did that without having a gun, showing people another way. The story is heart-breaking and emotional to its core. One would say that the actors presented an Oscar-worthy performance.

Mel Gibson’s directing skills got highly praised by well-known journals. “Mel Gibson directs this true-life tale of a US army medic who refused to bear arms with great force, but little subtlety.” Wendy Ide, The Guardian. Others included compliments from The New York Times and Empire.

Will his skills and his successful past be enough to win him an Oscar? Let’s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Nine of Pentacles:
This card is a reminder that Mel Gibson is close to his goal, but haven’t achieved it yet. He deserves the trophy, but he has to keep his grace while waiting. Celebrate the journey, not the pending success.

King of Pentacles:
The king represents Gibson, and his position in the material world in this case. There is a lot of power surrounding him, and abundance on all levels. Whatever he touches turns to gold, so to speak. For him, quality is the most important, which is reflected in his work and personal life.

Six of Pentacles:
The movie itself inspired Mel in many ways. He wants to devote more of his time (and other valuable resources) to a higher cause. For him, it isn’t necessarily about winning, but about helping others.

All in all, the movie inspired many people and has a further reach than most. It certainly has a great potential, but winning isn’t all that matters. Mel Gibson has certainly come a long way already, and will continue to ‘rise’.


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