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Melania Trump’s Master Class?

Melania Trump Master Class

Melania Trump Master Class?

Mr. & Mrs. Trump continue to be scrutinized and pulled apart. The citizens of America are yet to make their choice as to whether the Trumps and their political and personal credentials have earned them the right to lead the US and the rest of the world.
Melania Trump has caught our eye for many other reasons and appears to have a (very beautiful) face for every occasion. The bottom line question continues to be, does she have the credentials to become first lady? Recently Mrs. Trump supported her husband when they attended the annual Alfred E Smith memorial in New York City. Mrs. Clinton was also in attendance. The hilarity of Mr. Trump’s plagiarized joke as he referred to his wife’s plagiarized speech. But plagiarized speeches and politics aside, today we’re looking at someone who is supporting her partner as he is trying to ‘get on at work.’ Something that a lot of couples would appreciate. Referring to the plagiarized speech Mr. Trump said that it wasn’t all his wife’s fault. Correct Mr. Trump it wasn’t. Those in attendance seemed to be in agreement if the applause offered to Mrs. Trump is anything to go by.

Mrs. Trump has been criticized for not keeping her unruly husband in check. If it was the other way around I’m sure it would be a different story. But it’s not, so we’re not! Mrs. Trump has said that she doesn’t agree with everything her husband says and that she believes what he told her about the reported improprieties. She says that she knows her husband and she knows about the ‘boy-talk.’ Evidently, she compares certain behaviour’s to those of a child. Evidently, she believes that he is considered by many as a successful and accomplished businessman but when it comes to personal relations, the rules from the boardroom do not apply. We’ve seen her carefully choreographed ‘faux weary’ responses to his next ‘joke’ as he pretends that he’s going to be in trouble with ‘the wife’ later. There is a realness that people have warmed to in the same manner that people warmed to Michelle Obama who was criticized for ‘humanizing’ the great President Obama when she talked about his morning breath!

Mrs. Trump has not allowed herself to be cast in the role of victim, in her own eyes or the eyes of the world. Does Melania Trump really have what it takes to be the first lady? Whatever happens next month, I think we’ll be hearing more from this lady. ‘Vive la différence!’

Véronique’s Verdict

The focus of today’s cards was in the context of Mrs. Trump’s role as potential first lady. Melania drew the Princess of Swords, the Chariot and the Magician.

The Princess of Swords represents Mrs. Trump’s direct approach in wishing to discern the truth. She has certainly charmed people with her intelligent and liberal manner. She sees herself very much in the role of supporter and this card reveals that there is no desire to reinvent the wheel.

The Chariot symbolized the triumphant warrior maiden and her steely reserve as she brushes off the criticism. This card reveals that if Mrs Trump had dangly bits then they would be bigger and steelier than those of her husband, we know that Melania served a 7 year ‘apprenticeship’ under Donald Trump before they married. This lady has her eye on the prize and has not yet allowed any private emotions to break through.

The Magician shows Melania’s willpower in abundance and a sense of manifesting dreams into reality.
Given the cards today Melania trump is more than qualified in the role of first lady. She has the style and grace of Jackie O. The authenticity of Michelle Obama and (dare I suggest) the backbone of Hillary Clinton. She could also give a masterclass on how to keep unruly boys in check without resorting to giving them a spanked bottom.

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