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Why does a melon cost $27,000 in Japan?

Why does a melon cost $27,000 in Japan?

Why does a melon cost $27,000 in Japan?

Well, if you thought you knew the ‘common’ price for fruits, then think again. In countries like Japan, a rare melon can be sold for as much as $27,000 on auction. Quite steep, right? Compared to the few dollars most people are willing to spare to buy the fruit. However, these aren’t just ‘ordinary’ melons.

They come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention their exquisite packaging. Of course, there is good news for those wanting to buy these special gifts in Japan. The ‘retail price’ for them is ‘only’ about $100 each. It is quite a bargain, if you think about it. Okay, they might not be the award winning, $27,000 version, but they do look tasty nonetheless. They are friendlier on one’s budget, too.

Whether you are looking for ruby red grapes or heart shaped melons, local groceries have just what you need. Still, you might say that the presentation doesn’t justify the price. You are right, because it isn’t only about that.

For many people in Japan, fruits are a holy gift, one that they present to their gods. Fruits are highly valued and treasured, considered to be rare gifts. They are like manna, rare and them being so expensive evokes respect. It also speaks about high quality. Buying and giving fruits as present represents our relationship to God (or the people we surprise with the exquisite gift).

“People purchase these expensive fruits to demonstrate how special their gifts are to the recipients, for special occasions or for someone socially important, like your boss,” Shim, a researcher of Japan’s luxury fruit market.

Tradition is something every nation treasures and tries to pursue in any way possible. Let’s ask the cards to see whether this mentality will spread across the world. Japan isn’t the only country to worship through offering fruit, after all.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Two of Pentacles:
This card reminds us to look at things in a flexible and adapting way. Some people have different priorities than we do, but it doesn’t mean they should be mocked for them.

Ace of Wands:
A creative (almost divine) energy surrounds this card. It signifies the pursuing of an idea, one that will initiate change. Being passionate about a cause can help to promote action. This creativity is contagious, so it might not be long before we can buy $100 melons in the US. Watch this space!

The High Priestess:
By gifting fruits, Japanese people feel like they can truly connect to the Universe. Their intuition improves, and they know they are doing the right thing. It is all about belief and the subconscious mind. If you believe it works, it will.


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