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What message has Miranda Kerr got for broken hearts?

Miranda Kerr got for broken hearts

What message has Miranda Kerr got for broken hearts?

Although Miranda Kerr is now very happily engaged and in love, she recently reflected on her breakup with Orlando Bloom and the heartache she suffered thus. When a relationship goes through a breakdown there is normally one party who is left hurt. In this case it was Miranda Kerr who was at the receiving end of the pain. Miranda said she went to a dark place after the breakup and battled depression. She was speaking in an interview with Elle Canada when she opened up about her experience.

To Miranda, I would like to say. It’s a very brave thing to admit that you were in a dark place after the breakup. There are many broken hearts across the world feeling that their life has ended. They often feel that they will never love again but here you have proved them wrong. You have turned your life around and put the light back on and you have fallen in love all over again. This just goes to prove that there is life after a broken heart.

As you are sitting on the doorstep of a new and wonderful life for Miranda. Let’s throw some cards out and see what they are saying is in line for you.

The King of Coins.
This is the card of a business man and I’m sure that’s a good description of Evan Spiegel. The king is not all about business. He also cares deeply for all who are close to him. He is not the king in the typical sense but someone who knows the true value of what he has. This man has the potential to make you extremely happy, so it looks like your heart has met its true match.

The Seven of Swords.
This card talks about stress and luck. For you to arrive at the place you are now, you had to endure heartache and depression. Anyone who has suffered this will fully understand what this means. It is a hard thing to do. But the seven represents the reason it had to happen. It was to bring you to where you needed to be in your life and that is with Evan.

The Nine of Wands.
This is the card of emotions and taking control. Wands are energy, both spirit and the mind. This is what you needed to endure to get you to where you are today. It was a hard-emotional journey but lessons were learnt along the way which will be beneficial to others. Put all this in the past now, and feed only positive thoughts into the journey ahead.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Now you stand at the doorway of a new beginning. What is done is done and cannot be changed. The future can only be charged with positive energy and filled with the expatiation of what it potentially can be. The events that happened in the past, happened to bring you to this happy place today. Never underestimate the power of destiny. When you are in the wrong place in life, it will come and shift you. I do have a feeling you will be taking a walk down the road to Motherhood again. Let’s see what 2017 brings to your door. It appears to be all good news.

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