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Michelle Obama’s best relationship?

Michelle Obama Barack

Michelle Obama’s best relationship?

Was Michelle Obama a reluctant first lady when she made an appearance eight years ago? If she was, there was no pretense, rather a sense of her authentic informal self. There was a lack of conformity and she spoke her mind, she seemed genuine. There was no shame in her background; a daughter to a stay at home mother and a father who worked shifts ‘sans’ the sense of entitlement.

A Harvard-educated lawyer who had grown up on the South Side of Chicago. She met Barack Obama one summer through her association with a Chicago law firm. She was his mentor. They became friends. They were equals!

Mr and Mrs Obama went on to have two children. By her own admission Michelle was ‘mom in chief’ to her now grown up daughters. Being in the public eye, she protected them as any mother would and when they appeared in public, they were always well behaved and well turned out.

Michelle Obama is a role model and a style icon, any thinly veiled insults and disrespect dealt with in the most deserving manner while remaining true to herself. In the words of the great lady herself, ‘when they go low, we go high!’ So which particular relationship is she referring to exactly when she says ‘we?’

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did Michelle Obama draw today? We have the King of Wands, the Chariot and the Star.

The king of wands is the perfect partner to his queen, there is a loyalty and generosity within this person, a masculine energy and dynamism exist within this leader. And lead he does, by example.

The chariot reveals a triumphant energy within Michelle. This card can pertain to a lack of emotion, but in this context there is single-minded concentration on the next goal and the achievements that follow. Self assurance has helped her ‘win the race’ against formidable opposition. I feel that this card represents an actual journey and a sense of moving on. But where to and who with?

The star reveals a change in status and a sense of rising. Michelle will take all that she has learned in the last eight years and use it to the greatest effect. There is a humanitarian element within this card. I feel that she will continue to work alongside the person who she has the best relationship. The President!

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