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How is Michelle Williams coping as a single parent?

Michelle Williams Heath Ledger

How is Michelle Williams coping as a single parent?

Michelle Williams this week reflected on her life since the death of Heath Ledger and raising their daughter Matilda. Michelle said that she is pretty much an accept your lot and get on with it kind of person in almost everything in her life. It’s difficult to allow that one into play when it comes to Matilda not having her Dad with her as she grows up. Michelle said: “It’s just something that isn’t. I mean, it just won’t ever be right”. Michelle has grouped up with other Mothers in the same situation as herself and finds this a lifesaver in the low moments.

To Michelle. Firstly, our condolence on the loss of Heath. Your role as a Mother has now stepped up to cover both sides of the parenting game and that can’t be easy. Heath’s spirit will be very much alive within his daughter. Part of her soul energy was the energy he gave her when she was created. It mingled with yours connecting the three of you for eternity. So, this means he will always be close. Both of you showed your concern for each other when you split amicably, a rare thing in the land of celebrities. So, Matilda’s energy is made up of two very considerate people. No matter where she goes in life, or what she chooses to do, the three of you will always be connected on a spiritual level.

Let us scan the cards to see what they say is in your path Michelle.

The Hermit Card:
This is the isolation that you can feel at times. Although you and Heath were separated, you both shared a love for your daughter. She had nothing but the best and purest of love from both. Now you feel you must carry that can alone. One person, playing two roles. It’s restricting but emotionally fulfilling and in another way, isolating. Matilda is growing fast. Very soon she will be a young lady, embodying the best of both parents in who she is. Childhood is a short dance, enjoy every moment.

The Six of Wands:
This is your work life and how you must balance this with parenthood. By all accounts, you are doing a wonderful job and that’s not just the cards speaking. The Six of Wands is a card that shows a difficult path can often have the most wonderful outcome. Your daughter will be the proof of this. I feel that your decision to keep her out of the limelight of the media is a good one. Flowers grow best when sheltered from the wind.

The Four of Cups:
This is the card of emotional balance and as you said earlier this is your concern around Matilda. According to these cards, there is no need to worry. She is getting all the love she needs from you. By keeping her Fathers memory alive, she feels he is somehow still with her. I believe he is still there in spirit. As she grows you will see his influence in her blossom, even without her knowing.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Matilda is the product of two talented people. She carries this gift inside her to bloom one day into the person she wants to be. I feel she will inherit a lot of both of your gifts. Combined into one person, that makes for a lot of acting talent for the future. Most parents, don’t want their children to follow their footsteps. They will try everything to advise them to do other things. Sooner or later, they will blossom into the person they were born to be. As a Mother, you appear to be doing an amazing job. Never feel you are walking this walk alone. Heath’s spirit will always be around you both. Have an amazing 2017, and September is a month you need to be excited about.


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