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Mick Jagger’s $3million baby.


Mick Jagger’s $3million baby.

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick are due to have a child in December this year. Melanie’s first child and Mick’s eighth. Although they have been dating for the last couple of years, their relationship has not been described as serious. It seems Mick is in no rush to marry his ballerina girl. However, practical considerations need to be addressed. Such as?
The average cost of raising a child from birth to 18 yrs is around $100,000.00…
Of course, this figure will vary depending on the family income.
Mick takes his fatherly duties very seriously and in preparation for the new arrival, a legal financial document has been drawn up to make sure Melanie and baby are taken care of. Apparently, she’s due to receive approx. $15,000 a month until the child’s 18th birthday. About $3.3million in total. Well, kids do cost money!
Melanie is living in New York right now, but money-bags Mick has evidently promised to buy her a house in whatever location she chooses. Is there no end to this guy’s generosity!
Many people have many thoughts on why a young beautiful 20-something might want to have a baby with a 72-year-old pensioner. But we’re not talking about any ‘old’ 72-year-old. This is the rock-god himself, Sir Mick!
Maybe Melanie’s biological clock was not ticking away, and maybe she does have a genuine affection for Mr. Jagger, but there’s nothing like financial security when it comes to the choice of parent for our future children. Melanie has clearly killed two birds with one stone.
Will Melanie choose a house in New York, or Connecticut to be closer to her family? She might relocate to Mick’s stomping ground in LA!

Véronique’s Verdict

Which cards did Melanie and Mick draw today. We have the King of Swords, the Eight of Wands and the Tower. Well of course, the King of Swords represents Mick, contemplating his kingdom and how baby number eight will figure in his life. This guy is nobody’s fool and he is an expert at understanding human nature. He will continue to protect his own interests and those of his new baby! The swords suit indicate a logical and rational response rather than an emotional one. The eight of wands very much symbolises the current situation. The picture on the card is that of a young woman standing before a large rose with eight smaller roses. Melanie’s current circumstances have been compared to those of Luciana Gimenez, the mother of Mick’s son Lucas. Everything here is direct and in motion which suggests fast progress. The eight of wands is not a card of romance. The tower, as I have revealed many times before, follows the lustful devil in the major arcana. Profound change is to be expected. Can the old order survive? Probably not. Once the baby arrives, Melanie will probably feel somewhat overwhelmed as many new mothers are. This is when family are truly worth their weight in gold, as she will soon understand. Here’s to a healthy and happy trimester!

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