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A Migrant Journey from a different angle

A Migrant Journey from a different angle

A Migrant Journey from a different angle

Even though they aren`t likely to be let in, many migrants still travel to America. They hope to start a new life with their family, far away from danger. They want to escape certain death, or simply want to find a better job in the US. But instead, they are facing hunger, diseases, human trafficking and more. They travel for months, often on foot, without taking proper rest.

Often they expect a shorter journey, so they don`t come prepared for the changes in the weather. Their journey takes many lives and even those who make it face further problems.

They are lured in by fake promises of jobs and cross the borders illegally. They are subject to crime, hunger, and desperation. Children are born on the road and money is quickly running out. They don`t have papers, no sense of belonging. Sometimes they even lack their own identity or want to create a new one.

The amount of people trying to pass the boarders of Costa Rica is too much to handle. Both for the authorities and for the migrants. We are talking about thousands of people. And out of that, 100-200 are let through each day. Tents and temporary accommodations are set up, but sometimes even 50 people share a sleeping space.

All they have is a mattress to sleep on, sometimes not even that. Some could say that they chose this for themselves, but they didn`t. Besides, the most important thing is to find a solution to the problem. Regardless of why it happened, it did and it`s still happening.

Let`s consult the cards to see how could this improve.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Five of Wands:
Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. A different approach is needed. If we ask the right questions, we could be surprised just how much these people can offer. Coming up with a clear strategy is recommended.

Nine of Wands (Reversed):
This card reminds us not to make hasty judgments. We have set up a `wall` around us, one that`s trapping us in. There is a need to broaden our horizon. Letting go of the fear can help weigh whether there is an actual threat or not.

Eight of Swords (Reversed):
This card reminds us, that we need to let go of old believes that didn`t work. Or ones that aren`t working anymore. If you have changed your mind, it`s okay. All in all, today`s cards suggest that change should be embraced. Don`t judge too quickly, learn all the facts first. You never know what (or who) brings about a positive change. Be open to new possibilities and ideas, no matter how strange they sound at first.


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  1. Yea well we want to escape certain death also, we do not know who is terrorist or who is not… We have a legitimate reason people we need to help our country first

  2. Sadly they are overwhelming all the countries they are heading for! There are too many of them and too many dangerous criminals among them. Many seem wealthy, mobiles etc, why can’t they apply through the proper channels??
    Why do they destroy their passports etc???

  3. The thing I find so interesting that nobody talks about with immigration is that the people who immigrate are the ones with energy, hope and a vision for a better life. When those kinds of people leave the country of origin, the fire for change in that country is drained with their departure and their beloved homeland is stuck in stagnation. I find it fascinating that our homeland, America, is now on the same brink, will we unite and rise and make changes or will we result in dictatorship? Running away never really solves anything.

  4. A very positive post by 7thsensepsychics.com regarding this very serious matter. Its a sad and desperate existence for these poor, mainly innocent lives and I wish the bigotry, hate and coldness would stop from haters and those who view immigrants/migrants/refugees etc with negativity. I wish a solution could be found quickly to end the suffering and war. I think there are plenty of spaces and vacant land on earth and in various countries, as well as a good amount of resources if governments and leaders would make the effort in giving these people the chance to start a new life and place them in safe environments. I sometimes wonder if the dead are more fortunate than what we see and experience in this world.

  5. I’m all for immigration…..but LEGAL IMMIGRATION. My mother immigrated to this country in 1948 from war torn Germany. She had to denounce her German citizenship and obtain a residential visa to enter the USA. She worked for 4 years and paid taxes, just like any American. She learned how to speak and spell ENGLISH and she studied for the Naturalization Test. After the allotted time, she took the test and received her American Citizenship! She worked very hard to become an American and she cherished her US citizenship.
    I feel that if ANYONE wants to immigrate to the USA and they do it LEGALLY, they should be given the chance. However, I am TOTALLY AGAINST people sneaking in and expecting to be treated justly. I don’t think they should be entitled to any types of government benefits until they denounce their current country and apply for citizenship to the USA. There is a LAW for immigration and it needs to be followed!