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How is Mila Kunis now that the countdown is on?

Mila Kunis the countdown

How is Mila Kunis now that the countdown is on?

Back in June, we did an article on Mila Kunis and her second pregnancy. Second pregnancies are exciting because It’s not just the two of you anymore. There is someone else waiting to meet their first sibling. In this case, it is Wyatt their daughter. Watching her reaction at becoming someone’s big sister will make this more exciting. Baby number two is normally totally different to baby number one. Nature doesn’t design the same package twice.

To Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher let me say:
Guys, we know you are on the final countdown to your new arrival. And we are just as excited as you are You are still blooming Mila even at this late stage. As I said previously, mother nature’s little bundles are all a once-off creation. Waiting to see who this little person is that is joining your family is all part of the excitement. A unique little soul has been created, and you will have the fun of watching this soul grow to the full being they were born to be.

Let’s throw a few cards out for you Mila to see what they are saying.

The Queen of Wands
This is the energy card. But it’s also the Mother. The Queen is caring and in control of her surroundings. Being the queen of wands she indicates the energy around you right now. It is all positive and warm. The Queen of wands is also signified by the spring and a time of new birth and fertility. Just where you need to be at the moment.

The Temperance card
The card of calm and peace of mind. This is where your head and heart should be. A calm mother who has done it all before. It is important that you leave anything stressful to one side. You have only one thing to be thinking off now, and that is bringing this little one into your family. Everything else can wait.

The Four of Cups
This is the card of emotional balance. You must focus on the moment when the four of you are all together. Your little family hitting the number four ,which is a number of balance, just as we have four legs on a chair or a table for a very good reason.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

This is a pregnancy, and no psychic should attempt to predict anything around this condition or any health matter. But the cards have shown a time of rest, balance, and harmony coming into your family. All you can do is exactly what the rest of us will be doing. Waiting to see your picture of your complete family. On behalf of everyone here at the 7th sense psychic line, we would like to wish you all the very best for the happy event which is about to happen in your life.

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