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Million-dollar Matchmaker Farrah Abraham

Millionaire Farrah Abraham

Million-dollar Matchmaker Farrah Abraham

Well, it was one of those times when you knew you were going to be in for some entertainment. Farrah Abraham appears on Million-dollar matchmaker. Those who seen her reality shows will know that she has her opinions on everything and everyone.  She has a certain love of the F word, apart from a past that appears to still be haunting her. Perhaps Farrah needs to concentrate on the future and not the past when she is looking for a match, then things would be a lot easier all around.

Money is not happiness as Farrah is having difficulty finding that special someone to share her life with. Enter Patti, the lady with the answers and cupids right-hand lady. Patti matched Farrah up with some guy called Aaron and all appeared to be going well until a package arrived during the date which was only for the eyes of Aaron. Now we know that Farrah’s past involved some porn movies and some golden vaginas, but what was in the package that made her so uncomfortable?

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards reveal for Farrah Abraham? Well, the Wheel of Fortune speaks for itself. She has been very fortunate in most parts of her life and very unfortunate in others. Hold on there! The Wheel of Fortune is forever turning, and cupid will strike again. The Star Card talks about dealing with things, regardless of if we like it or not. Farrah needs to let her past disappear and move on. Take it out, show it to everyone, then put it away. Gossip becomes boring fast. The Hanged Man says that once she has put this to the back of her life, she then needs to give herself permission to move forward. Most of the striking out you see from Farrah, is defence, not aggression. Lose the reason for the defence and you lose the anger. What’s left could be quiet pleasant.


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