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The Latest “Mindy Project” For Mindy Kaling Is Motherhood

Mindy Kaling

The Latest “Mindy Project” For Mindy Kaling Is Motherhood

“Mindy Project” and “A Wrinkle in Time” star Mindy Kaling is reportedly expecting her first child.

E’ reported the news, citing “an insider,” who claimed that the pregnancy was “an unexpected surprise” for the 38-year-old. People magazine confirmed the reports, although Kaling has yet to comment on the news. The news comes after a big week for Kaling, who was on hand at the D23 Expo conference in Anaheim, California, this weekend to help premier the trailer to the upcoming “A Wrinkle in Time,” directed by Ava DuVernay.

The actress initially rose to fame on NBC comedy “The Office,” where she was also a writer. Kaling briefly dated “Office” co-star B.J. Novak from 2005 to 2007 and has maintained a friendship with the actor and author. In 2014, she revealed to Howard Stern on his radio show that she would have married Novak if he had proposed. “At the time? Oh yeah,” she said. “I was 24. For the record if anyone asked me to marry me I would have said yes.”

It’s unclear whether she’s currently romantically involved with anyone or who she may be dating. Kaling wrote about her concerns about marriage and motherhood in her 2015 book “Why Not Me?” She said she thought about being the single woman among her “female acquaintances” and pondered, “What if my kids are really young when I die because I waited too long to have them?” In an interview with Yahoo Style, Kaling then said she was going to be “fast and loose” about having children. “I think I’ve decided that unlike everything else in my life, I’m going to be fast and loose about kids. I’m going to not actively plan but if it happens, it would happen,” Kaling told Yahoo! Besides starring in the upcoming Disney movie “A Wrinkle in Time,” she is also appearing in the sixth and final season of “The Mindy Project” to be released on Hulu later this year. Kaling is known for helming Hulu’s “The Mindy Project,” which she created in 2012. On the show, Kaling plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN who, over the years has gotten engaged, had a child, split up with her son’s father and has started her own fertility business. The series has covered topics relatable to parents, including choosing whether or not to breastfeed in public and dealing with the shamers.

It Looks Like This Little New Soul Just Made The Decision For Her To Be Mindy’s New Project!

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Since Kaling left the decision up to the “universe” when and if she was going to bring a new soul into her life, the decision was definitely made by her new addition. I have always believed that when a soul wants to be born, they will find a way and sometimes not exactly on the parent’s time table. Ooops!

Princess of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
This a young energy with new creativity. I would say that since Kaling confirms this pregnancy was unexpected, the inverted pull of this card supports her statement. It may also represent she is having a little girl.

Two of Cups: Inverted
This is a new relationship. Being pulled inverted, it is fairly obvious what the card represents for Kaling, although not quite what she expected.

The Hermit: Inverted
This is going within oneself for answers and also spending time alone. Pulled inverted, it confirms how private she is about her personal life, being that no one even has an inkling who the father might be.

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