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Modern Day Mother Teresa – with an incredible voice

Modern Day Mother Teresa – with an incredible voice

Modern Day Mother Teresa – with an incredible voice

Our childhood can help form who we become. Our parents have a great say in it, by shaping our reality. For some, abuse and violence are an everyday issue. Those children are scared, and have nobody to turn to. They don’t feel safe at home, and they might decide they don’t want a family of their own. For Ani Choying Drolma, her father’s beatings had a similar effect. She decided not to get married, but become a nun instead – at the age of 10.

Her parents approved of her decision, thus saving her from a probably under-age marriage and quite possibly putting down the foundations of her fairy-tale ‘career’. Today, some say Ani is the new Mother Teresa, an answer to Nepali prayers. What makes Ani so special?

Mother Teresa’s work and life aren’t easy to match (if possible at all). Still, some say that Ani comes really close. Her transformation is miraculous, yet a bit more unconventional than that of Mother Teresa. Being a nun was her choice, and she put all her heart and soul into helping people. She became Nepal’s first UNICEF national ambassador, spreading hope across the globe. As well as doing it through speeches and prayers, she is also spreading hope through her music.

Her incredible voice and 12 pop albums made her famous, innovative, and independent. Somewhat controversial, unique, and free. Which is a very rare thing in Nepal. Today, at the age of 45, Drolma owns a car, a house and is living an independent life. Her example of just how far someone can come is remarkable.

From her tours, she gathered inspiration to be an advocate of women’s freedom and independence. and from her success she created the Nun’s Welfare Foundation. Her free boarding school in Kathmandu for nuns prepares young women for life, giving them an education. Those who seek refuge, can surely count on the ‘singing nun’. These are just some of her many achievements. She certainly questioned the status quo in Nepal. Could it be that the status quo needed to be challenged? Let’s consult the cards.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The World:
This card represents the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one. One that’s more positive and which is full of opportunities. Ani brought those opportunities for women, children and nuns in Nepal.

Ten of Swords:
This card is a blessing in disguise. That’s what Ani said about her childhood. She is glad things happened this way, because otherwise she might not have followed her true path. The pain is gone, and now it’s time for recovery and not just for Ani.

Two of Cups:
Ani is in complete harmony with her own fate, and others. She created a balance, a sense of unity. She holds her inner spirit in high regard, and encourages others to do the same.


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