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Monday Interactive Tarot Reading Dec 27th 2021

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: The Fool

The Fool is usually a good card to get in a daily tarot draw. Among other positive things, it heralds new beginnings. Drawing The Fool card may indicate that you are on the brink of a new, exciting and unexpected venture. This new and exciting venture may require you to step outside your comfort zone to some degree, but it will be very well worth it. You will need to step out on faith and take a chance on yourself but you will grow as a result. This new venture could be a literal one such as a trip to a new and unknown place, a new job or taking a course on something that interests you. It could also be figurative in that it may be you taking a journey in your own mind, looking within for inspiration or working to grow your spirituality. The change this card can bring will usually be a welcome one; however, its appearance in a reading can also indicate that you need to take the time to look before you leap. The Fool in love is exciting and spontaneous but can sometimes be a little bit fickle. For those in relationships, The Fool indicates being so in love you can hardly contain your excitement and cannot stand to be away from each other. However, if the person asking the question is asking about commitment, this card is linked to a lack of commitment and/or not being ready for a commitment. For those that are single, it is a very good indicator that an impulsive, carefree romance is just ahead for you. If you play your cards right, the romance could turn to be more serious should that be your interest. If The Fool appears, be prepared for fun-filled romance but be careful not to miss true love if it comes your way during this time.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Four of Cups

Occasionally, the Four of Cups will turn up for you in a daily draw or tarot spread indicating you have either lost touch with reality or are in danger of doing so. It is possible you have convinced yourself that everyone around you has life so much easier than you as you are constantly struggling. You may be thinking that life on the other side would be so much sweeter and better, yet all you need do to have a better life is expend a little effort. Yet your current mindset is preventing you from seeing what you can accomplish if you just set your mind to it. You have become disillusioned with your own life. It is possible you are allowing yourself to get lost in thoughts of the past and possibly holding a more idealized view of how things really were. You could be caught up in a fantasy world and giving in to frequent daydreaming. The Four of Cups often indicates you have allowed yourself to simply give in to a negative way of thinking. The negative is easier. It is the path of least resistance. It is also the path with the least reward. The path of the lazy person who expects everyone else to do the work rather than working hard and earning/manifesting what you most desire. You have become bored. Possibly you have lost your motivation or zeal for life choosing to simply sit on the sidelines as life passes you by. The Four of Cups could also indicate missed opportunities. Alternatively, it can turn up to bring your attention to feelings you may be experiencing of loss, regret and remorse. It is possible you have become lost within yourself due to the overwhelming negative thoughts or even depression. Lastly, getting the Four of Cups could be turning up for you to help you be more open to any new opportunities coming to you. Do not be too quick to dismiss them as you may come to regret not at least giving it (them) more thought. Due to the aforementioned negative thought process, you may not be able to see the potential in these opportunities. Taking a couple of steps back and trying to be more objective, or maybe even discussing the opportunities with a trusted person will help you to be more open to the potential.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Page of Cups

If the Page of Cups turns up for you in a daily tarot draw, it may be to bring your attention to the fact you are taking life way too seriously. This card encourages you to embrace your inner child and just lighten up. Take a walk on the fun side and just stop being such a fuddy duddy. On the other hand, the Page of Cups could be indicating that you are advancing to a new and higher level of emotional maturity. This maturity will lead you to be a more compassionate, patient and considerate person. You may be finding yourself eager to assist others as well as becoming much more affectionate and open with sharing and expressing your deeper thoughts and feelings. The Page of Cups may also herald the arrival of good news or important information such as a marriage proposal/engagement, pregnancy, social invites; however, it could also be bringing your attention to someone gossiping about you, breaking your trust by sharing your secrets or stabbing you in the back. Other things being represented by The Page of Cups are appearance, fashion, beauty, changing up your personal style, getting a hair cut or altering your appearance in any other positive way. A rather minor aspect of this card is pursuing a career in fashion or some kind of skin care or makeup path. Occasionally, the Page of Cups could be indicating a person who is young in age or rather immature as well as someone who is given to flights of fantasy and always off in their own little world. The person represented here may also be intuitive, naïve or overly sensitive.

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