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Monday Interactive Tarot Reading Nov 14th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: The Tower

The Tower is a card indicative of destruction and turmoil. Most commonly, this card presents itself in your tarot draw to warn you of impending disaster. This could be in the form of a major loss of some kind, a tragedy, or some other tragic occurrence surrounding your life. You could soon experience a major loss such as your home, finances, or even a loved one. You need to yourself for a major impact, and be prepared to rebuild yourself form this tragedy. Alternatively, at times the Tower presents itself as an indication of breaking down barriers and obstacles that you have previously set up for yourself. You may have kept yourself guarded for quite some time, and are now able to break free. In your relationship, the Tower sometimes indicates a major conflict or tragedy experienced by yourself or your partner, urging you to come closer to each other and help rebuild after the tragedy. However, most often the Tower presents itself to warn of impending separation from your partner. Whatever tragedy or loss you experience soon, you need to remain focused on rebuilding and moving forward. In your career, the Tower could indicate extreme dissatisfaction, or impending job loss. This could be a demotion, decrease in pay or business, or being pushed out of your position altogether. Brace yourself for impact, and start creating a backup plan to cushion some of the blow from the loss you will soon experience.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Page of Wands

The Page of Wands presents itself as the bearer of good news. Soon you will receive a message that something new and exciting is coming your way. You may have been awaiting some kind of acceptance or some kind of good fortune or advancement, or this might come as a complete surprise. The Page of Wands is also sometimes indicative of someone who is very cheerful or optimistic. This could pertain to you, or to someone close to you. This person always finds happiness and joy, even in places that others struggle to see past the negativity. This is a person that is always beneficial to keep close by, as their positive energy tends to be contagious and can prove to be very beneficial during hard times. In your romantic life, the Page of Wands indicates a move forward in your relationship. You might soon receive a gift or other good news from your partner. The Page of Wands is also indicative of finding a new spark in your relationship, rekindling feelings you have previously lost. If you have been feeling bored or complacent in your relationship, you might soon experience new excitement which will push your relationship forward in a more positive direction. If you are not in a relationship, the Page of Wands indicates you will soon find someone with whom you feel an instant connection, and you will experience a whirlwind romance. This could lead into something long term, or it could simply be something to keep you feeling satisfied and fulfilled for a short time. Regardless, it will be a positive experience. In your career, you might be starting a new business venture or other project in your work, and you are very anxious and excited about the opportunity. The Page of Wands presents itself to remind you to be more open minded about the opportunity, and to not let your excitement cause you to miss any potential problems that may present themselves.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Three of Cups, reversed

While the upright Three of Cups is indicative of celebration and rejoice, in the reversed position this card indicates a cancellation of a celebration or event. This could be any kind of celebration such as a wedding, graduation, birthday party, or some other event. This card also sometimes indicates sabotage, and even betrayal. It can indicate that there is someone in your group of close friends and relatives who should normally be happy for you, but instead is feeling envious. This feeling might cause them to be harsh or negative towards you, or even to speak or act in such a way that could be detrimental to your happiness. This might also indicate someone that simply chooses not to celebrate your successes with you. In your relationship, you might soon receive some kind of negative news or have a negative experience. This might be postponing or canceling a wedding, loss of a child, or some other negative event. This could also indicate that someone around you is trying to sabotage your relationship, spreading rumors about your or speaking false truths about you to your partner which is causing them to doubt their feelings towards you. If you are not in a relationship, you might soon experience a fling, which will seem at first as though it will become a fulfilling relationship but will not last for very long at all. In your career, the Page of Wands presents itself to warn you to be cautious in your interactions with your coworkers or business partners. Someone might be getting closer to you, but is only using the information they gain to stab you in the back. This could also indicate gossip in the workplace, and serves as a reminder to remain focused on your own tasks and disregard anything you might hear in the workplace.

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