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Monday Interactive Tarot Reading Oct 24th 2022

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Tarot Card Draw #1: The High Priestess, reversed

Probably the most important meaning of The High Priestess is your own intuition. When this lovely lady falls in the reverse position in your daily draw, she is there to warn that you are not heeding your own intuition. It is possible you are placing more value on what other people around you may feel is the right decision or the correct path to take. Possibly you are more concerned with pleasing someone else to the detriment of ignoring your own better judgement or intuition. Heed what your gut is telling you. The High Priestess may turn up reversed for you if you have been neglecting yourself in favor of caring for others. You have been putting yourself last and your own needs and desires are not being met. It is time for some self-care, maybe even a spa day or a weekend away in the country away from the hustle of everyday life. Consider unplugging for a day; a no-screen day just to refresh and recharge yourself. You need to get back in touch with your core being / inner spirit. The High Priestess, reversed, may also come up to remind you that you have all of the wisdom and knowledge needed within you to make the right choice and succeed. Just be still and listen.

Tarot Card Draw #2: The Hermit

Quite often when The Hermit turns up for you in a daily draw, it is indicating a time for you to step outside of any trying situation to simply take a beat and get your head and heart in order. This card suggests that some time alone, without any outside influence, will help you to get some things straight and to be more objective going forward following a break from life in general. We all need time alone at some point simply to regroup and recharge. The Hermit may indicate that you are entering a period of soul searching, self-reflection and spiritual enlightenment. At some point in adulthood, every one of us goes through at least one period of time when we need to just step outside of ourselves to find a greater understanding of who we truly are. It is possible you have been trying to gain an understanding of what your purpose is here on earth, your true calling and where you are headed in life. It may be a time to fully reassess your values and get your moral compass set back to true north. If you have been dealing with an overly stressful time or extremely difficult life situation, The Hermit may come up for you suggesting you just take some time to yourself to get back on track. Maybe you find yourself at a place in life where you simply want to withdraw from people and society in general for a bit. While there is nothing wrong with this as we all need a break from time to time, you must also know your limits and when the benefits of time alone begin to turn negative. When representing a person, The Hermit speaks of someone who is mature, wise, possessing of great knowledge. It also talks of a person either needing or seeking out the assistance of a counselor, therapist or some other mental health professional. The Hermit may come up to give you permission to focus on yourself and meeting your own needs for a while. And finally, this card may turn up in a daily draw as a warning that you are allowing yourself to be a bit too withdrawn from family, friends, society as a whole and all of this can lead to a very serious battle with depression if left unchecked.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Seven of Wands

If the Seven of Wands turns up in your daily tarot draw, then odds are good that life may be challenging, busy and hectic. You will need stamina to endure. This card represents opposing forces, standing up for what you believe in, fighting your corner and holding your own. It signifies taking the high road, maintaining control and being strong willed. The Seven of Wands may also indicate someone who is protective, defensive, assertive, forceful, relentless, determined and territorial. It can suggest that you are under attack, being harassed, blamed or scapegoated but you are resisting. If you draw this card in reference to a love question and are currently in a romantic relationship, it tells you that you have some challenges coming up and if you want your relationship to go the distance you are going to have to fight for it. This challenge may come from inside the relationship in the form of you or your partner trying to blame each other for issues. This card may also indicate that your relationship is under attack from third parties and that you need to protect and defend it. You will need to maintain control, hold your own and be determined. Don’t let others ruin what you have. If you are single, the Seven of Wands suggests that if you are interested in someone you are going to have to fight for them. There may be serious competition for this person’s affection and if you allow yourself to sink into the background, you may get overlooked. In reference to spiritual matters and your core spiritual beliefs, the Seven of Wands indicates that you may have to stand up for your spiritual beliefs so someone may challenge your belief system, call your morals into question or try to ridicule or harass you for your beliefs. You have a right to your belief system so don’t allow anyone else to try and take that away from you.

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