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Monday Tarot Reading Apr 24th 2023

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Here is your interactive tarot reading for today. Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy.


Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for today that carries your journey with it.






Arguably the most frequently asked questions of any Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, et al, are all about love. Regarding love, the question I get most is, “When will we get back together,” followed by, “When is he/she coming back to me?” Please note the word ‘*when*’. It is incredibly rare for someone to use the word ‘*WILL*’. When we get our hearts broken, it is always so very incredibly difficult to let go of that person who hurt us and we choose to convince ourselves that things are not over, that lost love is coming back, it is just a matter of when. But, sometimes, it just is not meant to be and at some point, we just gotta let go. I do not remember how I acquired this, but I have a wall hanging where all of my in-person clients are able to clearly see it and it can be applied to anything or anyone you may be trying so desperately to hold on to, but that thing’s/situation’s/person’s purpose in your life has been served and it is time for you to just let go. The wall hanging reads, “Some say holding on is what makes you STRONG. But sometimes it takes much more strength to just LET GO and MOVE ON.” TRUTH. Know when to let go and just move on.

Tarot Card Draw #1: Queen of Wands

With the Queen of Wands showing up for your daily tarot draw, you may be overcoming much of what has held you back and prevented you from soaring. After a period of self-reflection, you have been able to pinpoint your triggers and have learned to avoid slipping into toxic behaviors that are damaging to your growth. In the past, it could have been difficult for you to express yourself to others and this has led to misunderstandings and of others developing a false interpretation of who you are. Many have judged you for how they perceive you to be. The fact that you would usually shy away from explaining yourself and allowing people to understand you has made people believe that you aren’t a very approachable person. You have been a victim of past trauma which has made it hard for you to open up. This is a shame because you’ve always wanted to connect with others and the world around you. Your anxiety and flighty nature have prevented you from taking life at full force. You may not have been the type to raise your hand and answer a question, even if you are absolutely certain of the answer. It is possible that if a group of people were talking about a subject that you are interested in and possibly even quite knowledgeable about, you probably wouldn’t add anything to the conversation. As of lately, though, you find yourself smiling more, interacting more, and even cracking a few jokes. You are allowing others to see the best parts of yourself. This newfound confidence may have come about as a result of therapy or a real heart-to-heart conversation with someone whose opinion matters to you. Whatever prompted this positive change, it has been for your absolute highest good.

Tarot Card Draw #2: King of Pentacles

If you chose the King of Pentacles for your daily tarot draw, this is a great time to push your luck. This is a wonderful time to gain financial rewards through playing and winnings. Enjoying a day at the casino or participating in raffles may work out to your benefit. If you’ve been considering investing in stocks or real estate, now is a promising time with high chances of all deals going in your favor. Taking full advantage of this wave of luck will spring you forward at an accelerated rate. Not hesitating and going with the flow will be your best bet because these opportunities will only have a short window period. You will initially believe that the odds are not in your favor, but you will be met with a surprise in the end. Many of you will be able to take your earnings and do something grand with it. Something that will strongly imply that your status has changed. You may be making a big purchase such as a new home, or even upgrading your vehicle to something more luxurious. If your earnings do not gain you something as big as a new home or car, you will still be able to treat yourself to an experience that is more upscale than you are used to. Expressing gratitude for all that is to come, both before and after you receive it, will be a determining factor in whether or not you will be met with this kind of luck again in the future. Always, ALWAYS first and foremost, though, NEVER place bets or take risky financial chances unless you can easily afford it.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Eight of Swords

Sometimes in life we have every possibility in the world to succeed but we have a habit of getting in our own way. If you have chosen the Eight of Swords for your daily tarot draw, then you are likely experiencing a period of self-doubt and loathing. This feeling may have come about after a series of disappointments and betrayals. You feel that good things will never find their way to you and because of this you just simply do not try. You haven’t been in the mood to socialize with friends, and you haven’t really done anything that you would usually be interested in and enjoy. You probably also had very little interest in even leaving your home if you absolutely don’t have to. You are being advised to go outside in nature for 30 minutes to an hour to ground yourself and reconnect with your purpose. The vitamin D from the sun will help to boost your mood and give you the push you need to get back into the swing of things and take back control over your own life. Find a reason to go outside even if it’s for a simple store run. Breathing in fresh air and allowing yourself to have this time outdoors will balance your emotions and help you to have a more positive thought pattern. From there, within a relatively short period of time, you will find yourself checking in with friends and family, and willing to engage more.

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