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Monday Tarot Reading Mar 6th 2023

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It seems that just about everyone is ALWAYS in a hurry these days and I feel part of this is due to us becoming accustomed to instant gratification thanks in part to the World Wide Web (internet, I know, but I’m just that old), and all kinds of deliveries available to us now as a result of Covid. All of that is great, well and good. But, really, why are so many of you in such a hurry all the time? I challenge each of you to stop, take an actual break from EVERYTHING and seriously ask yourself, “Why am I constantly rushing about and being a hurry? Are so many of things, people, meetings, jobs, whatever that I am rushing toward, into or away from really that important?” More often than not, your answer to the second question is (or at least should be) NO. Slow down and allow yourself to just be 100% completely present in every single moment of your life. You would be amazed at all the things you have been missing for so very long. You would also be quite amazed as to how much more you get accomplished when you slow down and just ‘take it all in’.

Tarot Card Draw #1: Ten of Pentacles

In life we often forget to stop and smell the roses. We are so preoccupied and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities we have in life that we don’t truly live in the present and focus on the things that are really important. If you chose the Ten of Pentacles for your daily tarot draw, during this time you are being gifted with a moment to slow down and reconnect with things and people that you haven’t had much time for. This may come about due to you choosing to take a vacation from work or a breather of some sort. Some of you have made a conscious decision to take same time off to spend with family. Others of you may be home a lot more due to an unexpected injury or illness. However it’s given, you now have a chance to step away from the rat race and tune into yourself and what’s important right now. This much needed time off is allowing you to realize that you must fit more moments like this into your life. You mustn’t allow too much time to pass without sharing meaningful moments with those who matter most. If you and your partner have been working hard and rarely get a chance to truly connect because your always catching each other for a few moments in passing, then you will have some time to truly connect without interruption. The two of you will feel a sense of a renew in love and become content once again. Some of you may actually decide to renew your vows with your partner. Others of you are reconnecting with your inner calm, catching up on things such as meditation and connecting with nature. This will be a time to express gratitude to the universe to invite more positivity into your life. This will bring great abundance that will come in many forms such as love, wealth, stability and peace.

Tarot Card Draw #2: Four of Wands, reversed

There are days when we are up and on top of the world. Then there are the other days when we are straight down on our luck. The Four of Wands in the reversed position signals a person who is losing control in some way and it’s affecting the lifestyle and stability that they were once accustomed to. Some of you may have taken up gambling and had a great streak of beginner’s luck but when you were no longer a beginner you realized you aren’t winning like you once did before. Others of you have indulged in quite a bit of retail therapy and the credit card bills and debt are catching up to you now. The decisions you have made are directly responsible for your financial problems and you may have already pinpointed the problem and where you went wrong. You may be in a deep reflective space where you are remembering all you once had and realizing you will need to change certain targeted behaviors in order to build yourself back up to where you once used to be financially. The upside of this situation is the lesson you have learned or will be learning about budgeting and working with less. You will find new tactics on not only how to save money but how to make money as well. The financial hardships you have endured have forced you to get creative with generating income. This will help build your character and teach you to express more humility moving forward. There will soon be a time when you are able to enjoy the luxuries you once did (or have maybe always desired) with a new sense of appreciation.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Page of Cups, reversed

Opening our hearts and expressing vulnerability can be one of the hardest things to do. When we are bold enough to do such a thing, we have the hopes of reciprocation and acceptance. Those of you who chose the Page of Cups in the reversed position may be experiencing some form of disappointment and rejection. You may have worn your heart on your sleeve and expressed your feelings towards someone you admire with the hopes that they would return your feelings. Perhaps the timing isn’t right, and that person can’t give you all you are wanting and deserve. This can be a pretty hard pill to swallow. Some of you may have put in for a job or applied to a school you thought you’d definitely be accepted to, and things didn’t go as planned. You may be heavily experiencing the energy of rejection. If this is your current situation, then now is a pivotal time to trust the universe and have faith that things which are meant for you will find their way to you no matter what, and it’ll all happen in divine timing. Right now, it may be hard for you to remain optimistic, but just know that all things that are a vibrational match for you are on the way. Practicing positive affirmations and reminding yourself of your worth and all you have to offer will increase your positive thinking and this will in turn assist you with manifesting your preferences. What is meant for you will always find it’s way with ease.

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