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Mother knows best as Kris Jenner gives the thumbs up to Khloe’s new man.

kris jenner thumbs up

Mother knows best as Kris Jenner gives the thumbs up to Khloe’s new man.

Kris Jenner is evidently a firm believer that life is about more than love relationships. Her 32-year-old daughter, blonde, tanned, 5ft 10ins Khloe should not allow any so-called failed relationship from preventing her in engaging positively in any future commitment. Yes, I’m inclined to agree Kris! Whether we realize it or not, family support can make or break a relationship and regardless of how we choose to define family, generally there is a common factor. Love. In whatever form!

Nuclear, blended or extended, families need love and nurturing to stay strong. This is where we learn our behavior’s, values and our sense of loyalty. Supportive families stand up for each other and learn the art of give and take which helps when dealing with ‘outside’ relationships. Strong families tend not to take themselves too seriously and use laughter in the best way. Matriarch Kris ensures this in abundance. Ok, they’re all grown ups but a leader is essential in taking the ultimate responsibility for the family. Positive communicate helps gain a perspective that allows us to deal with challenging situations and not feel overwhelmed.

Khloe was spotted at Kayne West’s Miami concert canoodling with new boyfriend Tristan Thompson. The 6ft 9ins 25-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers star has been given the thumbs up from Khloe’s mother Kris who says that they are really cute together. She also said that the twosome were having a good time together. Chemistry being attributed to the romantic connection. Well if that isn’t the green light to go forth together, I don’t know what is!

Véronique’s Verdict

What do the cards say today? Khloe and Tristan drew The Moon, The Prince of Wands and The Seven of Wands.

The Moon is representative of the astrological star sign Pisces, Tristan. The same sign as Khloe’s brother Rob. I feel that he is a good match for Khloe. Kris appears to believe this also. Tristan has wiped away the tears of the goddess who is Khloe and connected in a way that was unexpected for both of them.

The Prince of Wands shows change. There is a passion between the two and although they have the gentle energy of the moon working with them, there is a need to prove themselves to be worthy as a couple. Both to their loved ones and their friends.

The Seven of Wands shows shared values and a supportive energy between these two. They will continue to trust their respective judgement moving forward and understand that even if the path looks difficult they will know how to handle it. We wish them all the best!

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