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Mr and Mrs Trump have arrived!

Mr and Mrs Trump have arrived!

Mr and Mrs Trump have arrived!

The Trump family has jetted into Washington ready for the inauguration ceremony with high expectations and a very full diary, not too full for the controversial Mr Trump to tweet:

‘the American people, I have no doubt that we will, together, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’

There’s been much controversy over who will perform on Mr Trump’s big day, but there are a number of artist’s who have welcomed the opportunity and since Mr Trump has expressed a liking for…

Rock band ‘3 Doors Down’ said ‘YES!’ The band have achieved much success in America and have two number one albums under their belt.
Another proud ‘acceptee’ is Toby Keith. The country singer felt compelled to release an official statement explaining why he said yes to the gig, ‘I don’t apologise for performing for our country or military, I performed at events for previous presidents Bush and Obama and over 200 shows in Iraq and Afghanistan for the USO.’

RaviDrums was undecided as to whether he should perform at the ceremony, but the American Indian’s father convinced him to pursue the American Dream and so another tick on the list.

Jackie Evancho, the runner up on American Idol 2010 is listed for the National Anthem.

Veteran Sam Moore – the beau of the ball. Mr Moore said that he was a participant in the civil rights movement and stated, ‘I have seen many positive changes and advancement in my 81 years of living in this wonderful country, but I know we must all join hands and work together with our new president.’

Apparently, Kanye West was not asked!

Véronique’s Verdict

Mr Trump previously tweeted that he was more interested in the people attending the inauguration rather than the ‘A list celebrities who did nothing for Hillary.’
We drew the Six of Pentacles, the King of Swords and the Nine of Pentacles.

The Six of Pentacles
This represents a pleasant well-earned reward. This card says express your needs and others will answer them, generosity will be returned ten-fold. Mr Trump is not expecting too much from the musical side of things but I feel that he will be pleasantly surprised.

The King of Swords
This is Mr Trump’s significator. I don’t feel that he has tried to hide his authentic self, and the inauguration will be no exception. This card says that Mr Trump will be in his element albeit in a guarded capacity.

The Nine of Pentacles
This represents abundance. Mr Trumps garden is in full bloom. This card says that he has earned this period of leisure and will stand back and contemplate the rewards of the hard work undertaken to reach this point.

The cards bode well for the concert and the inauguration ceremony. The hard work is about to begin…


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