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Has Mr Big just revealed Sex and the City 3?

Mr Big just revealed Sex and the City 3

Has Mr Big just revealed Sex and the City 3?

Chris Noth who played Mr Big in the show recently spoke out about Sex and the City 3 at the very location where his alter-ego jilted Carrie. The actor reportedly returned to New York Public Library for the ‘Library Lions Benefit.’ Obviously, it’s impossible to engage with Mr Noth without skirting around the issue of a potential SATC 3.

Sarah Jessica Parker may have shed some light on the issue when she revealed that Sex and the City 3 is ‘In the Butler’s Pantry.’ She’s been promoting her new movie ‘Divorce’ and on the subject of SATC 3 she says that it’s not on the table, but that somebody is holding it fairly nearby. Thank you for the clarification Mrs Broderick that another Sex and the City movie will be coming to our screens sometime in the indeterminate future.

OK so maybe there is no news on the film, Mr Noth admitted that he hadn’t heard anything concrete and that his priority these days is trying to get his child to score goals in soccer. Evidently, he’s just as disappointed as everyone else with the none-news. He also expressed another disappointment, as an aside from the current non-movie. He said that he feels disappointed with his country that Mr Donald Trump has progressed to his current position. He describes Mr Trump’s Presidential post as ‘scary.’
We digress. SATC No 3. Yes or No?

Véronique’s Verdict

We drew the Ten of Hearts, the Prince of Wands and the Ten of Swords.

The Ten of Hearts reveals the success of the show in its own right aswell as bringing personal global success to many of its actors.

The Prince of Wands represents change and movement. The main characters in the show have moved on and achieved successes of their own. Of course, some have enjoyed more success than others and this has brought about a restless energy from a once ‘happy family.’

The Ten of Swords shows us that the hopes and dreams of the past are now abandoned. The less successful members of the cast should accept that the SATC series appeared at the right time and brought global fame. Everyone is that little bit older and should look back and appreciate that they were part of something much bigger than themselves.

From today’s cards, it is highly unlikely that the show will be resurrected. We should remember the character’s and actors at their best and leave them in the past where they belong.

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