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Emma’s Life: My First Psychic Reading

Emma Ringrose psychic reading

Emma Ringrose is a young woman who has agreed to share her journey getting weekly readings from Master Psychic Vincent, and the effect it has on her day-to-day life.

My First Psychic Reading from an Online Psychic

Everyone possesses a type of sense that is unlike any other, some choose to recognize it, and other ignore it for many reasons. It’s not just by coincidence that you can feel a person in a room with you, even if you didn’t hear them enter the room.

Prior to my online psychic reading, the only “experience” with psychics that I’ve ever had was being cornered in a local fast food shop, because a woman could sense that my aura was off, and told me to choose one of the two men that were currently in my life… At that moment, I didn’t have a single man in my life, so it was incredibly hard to believe that there would be two at that very moment when there wasn’t even one.

On November 15th, I met via Skype call with Master Psychic Vincent, and he showed me that the psychic realm isn’t just a scam that you see in boardwalk booths and theme parks, but something that is incredibly useful. Not knowing anything about Psychics before this, I threw myself into it, not really knowing what to expect.

He had me pick cards out of my own will, and Vincent walked me through everything, explaining every card and every step along the way. We talked about stresses and anxieties that are currently going on in my life, such as work, and finding my true goals in life. My first set of cards was about the journey I was on. Being fresh out of college and starting an entry-level job, I’m not exactly the happiest person ever, and that’s something that I’ve been stressed about since the start of my job. However, he was assuring me that I would find what I was looking for, and that I am currently on the journey to getting there.

Unexpected Reveals

Vincent also touched on some things that I wasn’t expecting. Just the day before, I was looking at new homes in the same area in which I am living now, and Vincent asked me during my reading if I was looking at new properties… That’s when I knew that something was actually happening, because something that specific doesn’t happen every day.

He was able to tell me some months to look out for, whether they were going to be good, bad, stressful, etc., or ones that he just had a good feeling about, which makes me both happy and anxious for what’s to come!

The biggest takeaway from my psychic reading and the experience itself was that it actually told me a lot about who I am as a person, reassured some of the decisions I’ve made in my life, and made me feel more secure about myself as a person. I’m one to be anxious all of the time; but for once, this actually made me feel calm and definitely reassured that something was right. My friends, my family, my boyfriend… everything was mentioned and everything was spot-on to how I live my life, and who I am as a person.

It may seem that psychic readings, especially online readings, are a hoax of some sort, but I am telling you firsthand that they are the real deal. This was an experience unlike any other, and I highly recommend the talents of any of the 7th Sense Psychics to do your readings.

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