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Myths About Tarot Debunked


Are You Scared Of Tarot? Fear Not!

Tarot is slowly becoming more and more accessible and mainstream, which is an interesting topic on its own, but even though people around the world are getting more familiar with it, some myths are still widely spread around the globe. These beliefs are supported by the portrayal in some series and films, as well as some traditions that were initially meant to limit the access of a more general public to Tarot, making it something special and which practice was reserved to some lucky ones.

You may have heard that you need to be gifted a deck in order for it to work, that the cards may open doors that you cannot close later or that having your cards read seals your fate. The good news is that most of this information is at least incorrect, when not outright false. Let’s explore some common misunderstandings and myths and learn more about this wonderful tool.

You need a special skill to read Tarot

Let’s start by saying that everyone can read Tarot, plain and simple, just as everyone can learn English, French or Russian if they want to. It is no more than a language and it is available to be learnt. As it usually happens with languages, depending on your dedication and your natural abilities you may have a more or less hard time integrating that language in your life. You may achieve a “conversational” level or you may master it. Dedication, consistency and study are all that you need to start learning. You don’t need to have psychic skills (although this is another topic of discussion) or to be the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter! So if you feel attracted to the idea of learning, get a deck and see where it takes you without fear!

Tarot attracts astral or spiritual entities

Reading Tarot by itself does not invite anyone in, nor opens the door to spirits to come. There are readers that work with spirits and may integrate them in their readings, but that is not something that needs to be done in order to have a functional reading or that can be done by accident. Having and using a deck doesn’t mean that you become automatically a medium, a witch, a psychic or a spiritist. These are additional practices and spiritual gifts that may work well with Tarot, but that are their own thing. So fear not! A reading is not necessarily a seancé!

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Reading Tarot seals your future

This doesn’t work like it. While the concept of a self fulfilled prophecy exists, the act of reading / getting your cards read does not decide for you. Tarot offers you a snapshot of your current situation and where is this heading, but as I always say, you are the captain of your own ship and the one who ultimately makes the decisions that shape your life. It offers guidance, advice and prediction to an extent, but it doesn’t set your future in stone.

Readers live miserable lives

Nothing further from the truth here! There’s a widespread cliché of an old lady with a bohemian aura living in a caravan with her toothless cat all on her own. While this can happen, it is a personal choice and the personal experience of each individual and is not something triggered or caused by Tarot as a practice. In fact, most readers I know are happily married, living lives they love, surrounded by friends, pets, family and all the rest!

It’s evil

Saying that it’s is evil is about as accurate as saying that a screwdriver is evil. Tarot is a tool! It is what you make out of your practice what counts and shapes your experience. There’s nothing intrinsically evil in readings and no evil will come from it neither.

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Sibyl’s Verdict

So, in a nutshell: Tarot reading is a wonderful practice that, if anything, opens yourself up to a higher level of awareness and connection with yourself and the divine! There’s nothing to be scared of and nothing that stops you from becoming a reader yourself if that’s your calling! What are other myths you’ve heard about? Is there something that puts you off from reading or getting a reading? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Considering getting a tarot card reading? We have carefully screened and selected a range of gifted, compassionate tarot readers to provide clarity and new insights into your life. Online readers available 24/7.

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  1. I have alway enjoyed getting tarot readings done, and recently acquired a deck of my own with a instructional book on how to use them. I have yet to start using them for instruction in my own life primarily because of fear that I will interpret something incorrectly or acquire something unwanted. What do you suggest is the best way for a beginner to start using tarot in their daily life, and how do you suggest releasing the fear of not using them properly. I am excited and anxious to learn and acquire guidance through tarot so any help would be appreciated. Thank you for all of your wonderful and insightful posts on here they have definitely become a useful tool for learning.

    1. Hello Jess! Thanks a lot for stepping by!

      Sometimes you’re going to miss, and it’s just natural, it happens to the best of us and actually, you will learn a lot from your mistakes. I suggest journaling. It is a cliché method, but it is widely recommended because it works great. If you make an habit out of taking notes of the questions asked, the cards drawn and the actual outcome, you will start seeing patterns. You will also realize that 99% of the time, the answer was in the cards, but you just didn’t interpret it correctly.

      With time, you will learn the ways in which the cards speak to you, and you will start getting more and more accurate. There’s no teacher like experience! As for the fear of not using them properly… There’s no improper way to use Tarot! If you are afraid of attracting some sort of doom and gloom, fear not! It’s not going to happen! If your fears are more directed towards making mistakes, this will happen during all of your life as a reader – although less and less often with time! – At the end of the day, we are humans interpreting a message, and something can get just lost in translation! As your confidence grows, so will your accuracy!

      As an additional recommendation, if you have the opportunity read for some friends, acquaintances or family. Reading for a situation you are not as involved in as you are with a personal one helps you see the message more clearly!

      Best luck with your Tarot journey!