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Did NASA just change your Birth-sign?

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Did NASA just change your Birth-sign?

Social media has been hopping with stories of how NASA has discovered that we have been wrong for generations. The alignments of the planets are not as the ancient world thought. This apparently spells disaster for all of you. You will now find that all of your horoscopes have been changed. The implications for this is worldwide, and will affect every single person on the planet. Tattoos will have to be changed, relationships will have to break up. And that beautiful piece of jewellery you have been proudly wearing for years. Must now be slipped into that tiny drawer without anyone seeing you. When questioned, you must say, I knew this for years. It will save people laughing at you.

Relax people. It is all a hoax. Think about it, “NASA”. They are a scientific body. While looking for life on other planets and a way to keep us all safe from asteroids and UFO attacks. Are now going to be worried that you are a Virgo instead of a Libra? Would they be sending out hit squads to every library around the world? I mean someone needs to ensure the name of the great Galileo Galilei is wiped out of history? I think you will find they are a little more preoccupied than that.

The Horoscope as we know it is tied in with the Ancient Babylonian calendar and their understanding of the constellation.  They already had realised the 12-month cycle of the sun around the earth. All NASA were saying was, that because of a tiny wobble of the earth as it spins on its axis. The constellation is no longer exactly the same as it was 3000 years ago.

Despite a massive clarification from the very top of NASA. Some people decided to run off and re-write the whole process (there is always that one person). The current process has been in place for over 3000 years and that’s good enough for me. Nasa has pointed out they have not changed the Zodiac, simply altered some of the maths. It did go viral on the social media, so it achieved some form of panic reaction. So with that in mind, if you were a Taurus then you are a Taurus now. You were born under the ancient Babylonian zodiac sign, and as it was then, it will be now. The Indians and Chinese have both got their own signs and symbols, I doubt if they will be changing them.


There is an ancient passage tomb in my home country of Ireland, called Newgrange. It was built to capture the light of the rising sun, which on the break of dawn on the winter solstice. It dates back to 3200BC making it older than Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids. The Sunrise, still floods the tomb at the precise moment to this day, just as it did when it was first built. So there is the physical proof, things haven’t changed that much.

While listening to a science program recently, a very interesting statement was made which is fitting.

“The past is organised because it cannot be changed. What was once will always be, as time itself only moves in one direction, and that is forward.

The Future is disorganised, as it holds the potential to be a lot of different things, based on random circumstance and how outside influences affect it.”

Our freedom to decide and act is one of those outside influences. Never waste the power of that choice.

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