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New Documentary Delves into Princess Diana ’s Last 100 Days

Documentary Delves into Princess Diana ’s Last 100 Days

New Documentary Delves into Princess Diana ’s Last 100 Days

A new Princess Diana special will delve into her ‘passionate’ love life and her greatest fears, so get ready to see the late Princess in a whole new light. ABC’s upcoming Princess Diana special, ‘The Last 100 Days of Diana’ will focus on the beloved royal’s personal life and in particular the summer of 1997. The new two-hour special will revisit Princess Diana’s first and last summer as a single woman following her divorce from Prince Charles, until her tragic and untimely death in a car crash in August of that year. The special features interviews with a few of Diana’s closest friends, including designers Lana Marks and Roberto Devorik. “It was beyond royalty, it was beyond Hollywood — this was it,” Marks says of Diana’s glamorous life. Of course, Diana’s love for her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry is also covered in the special. “Diana often did say that her boys were not really hers because they belonged to the royal family,” one commentator recalls. “The one thing she feared in life was losing her children,” another close friend confirmed.

The broadcast is hosted by former ABC News Nightline co-anchor Martin Bashir. In 1996 Bashir won a BAFTA Award for the only extended interview with the Princess. Now he hears new accounts from people inside Diana’s inner circle, with rare interviews from close friends and her personal staff including her former butler, chef, bodyguard, press secretary and personal trainer. These voices provide an expose into what the Princess was thinking as she navigated through her personal and public life. The documentary also chronicles the romantic summer adventure with Dodi al-Fayed, her relationship with British-Pakistani surgeon Hasnat Khan who is described as “the love of her life” and celebrating a more independent Diana. “Producing this poignant tribute to the world’s most famous woman 20 years after her tragic and untimely death has shown yet again what an incredible person we lost. Through testimonies of those nearest to her, this special showcases the everlasting impact Princess Diana has around the world.” The film will also focus on Fayed and Diana’s “sexual attraction” towards one another. “Suddenly after all this time, she found passion,” one commentator notes. ‘The Last 100 Days of Diana’ airs Sunday, May 7, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Will This New Princess Diana Special Shed New Light on Her Private Life as Promised?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Yes. I think the documentary will show her life more as a woman than a royal icon.

The King of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card represents usually a contract and sometimes with a cruel man. I would say the card pulled would be Prince Charles from Diana’s perspective. Inverted, the card shows the documentary may show their relationship in a different light.

The Devil:
This card represents fear and feelings of insecurity. I believe this is a card for Princess Diana. I feel, on the whole, she was a very insecure woman surrounded by powerful and willful people trying to bend her to their will. To her credit, she somehow figured out how not to let that happen.

Four of Swords: Inverted
This card represents emotional exhaustion and wanting to retreat. Because the card was drawn inverted, I feel Diana was finally starting to live again and recuperate from the years of sadness she had endured in the past that year of her tragic accident.


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