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A New Jersey youth Basketball Team Refuses to Play

A New Jersey youth Basketball Team Refuses to Play without Female Members

A New Jersey youth Basketball Team Refuses to Play without Female Members

Quite often children know better how to act and react than adults. Especially in sensitive situations. They aren`t consumed by society`s standards yet, all they listen to is their heart. Standing up in defence of their friends is more important to them than anything else. Their sense of unity and collaboration is remarkable. However, some might argue that sometimes things just need to be left the way they are.

A New Jersey youth basketball team was recently notified that their team was ‘in danger’. All of their prior achievements were nulled and could only continue playing without the girls. A mistake was most likely made when forming the team four years ago. Although, the reason for it was very simple: there weren’t enough girls interested in the sport to form a separate team. So, the logical solution was to start a coed team of young players.

The Catholic Youth Organisation said that they shouldn’t have been coed in the first place. It is clearly stated in the rules that there should be separate teams for boys and girls. Whatever happened, for four years the team has done its best to become the best.

The boys were asked to decide themselves, upon the team`s female members were banned. Not surprisingly, the fifth graders voted in unison to end the season on Friday. They refused to continue playing without their female teammates.

Still, rules are rules. While some parents are proud of their children`s decision, others disagree. So, should the boys be praised for sticking together? Or are they in the wrong for disobeying rules? Let`s consult the cards.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Three of Swords:
This card represents a painful separation. Without pain there is no happiness, either. This separation is necessary in order to progress and learn. Try to understand how pain can help you grow, and things will be much better.

The Star:
Self-transformation is key here. Try to learn from the past, forgive and forget. It is time to rediscover your sense of meaning, your sense of belonging. Believe in yourself, no matter what happens.

Six of Swords:
You are leaving something important behind, but it isn`t the end. You need to realize that you are headed towards something much better. Great things await, you just need to be open to new opportunities.

All in all, this phase has ended, even if it seems to be painful. It was necessary in order to move forward. All of the team members will embark on a new journey, one that will form who they become. Remember, everything happens for a reason, and at the right time.


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