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New York Times CEO hits back at ‘ Fake News ’ allegations.

New York Times CEO hits back at ‘ Fake News ’ allegations.

New York Times CEO hits back at ‘ Fake News ’ allegations.

The New York Times Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson has hit back at Donald Trump following continual fake news accusations.

The issue of fake news raised its head around the time of the presidential election campaign, whereby many things reported turned out to be false. President Trump’s has been relentless and ever vocal in his tweets appearing enraged by the newspaper’s reporting methods. Is he over reacting and is the news really fake or just a style of reporting that Mr Trump does not agree with?

There continues to be an ongoing battle between the media company and the president who has suggested that the New York Times is failing and that someone buy it. I wonder if Mr Trump would offer to fund a potential purchaser?

CEO Mark Thompson has been equally vocal in defence of his Newspaper group and says that it isn’t failing, and has revealed that in fact, the New York Times has the highest number of subscribers now since 2011. Have they inadvertently gained readers due to Mr Trump? It wouldn’t be the first publication who thrived following criticism from Mr Trump. Mr Thompson said that whilst many stories appeared to be around Donald Trump, the wider picture was around political controversy and division in the country and across the Western world. He said that the uncertainty in Europe and Brexit made the world feel politically and economically unstable. Admittedly, some readers cancelled their subscriptions due to being tired of too much negative press.

Mr Thompson said that Mr Trump was not immune to made-up stories published by various newspapers and then spread by politicians, but there is a difference between journalists striving for the truth, striving to understand, and then conveying their message to the public. This is what the New York Times newsroom tries to do. They do not just make it up!

Of course, everyone wants to speak their truth. Are the global publications being intentionally deceptive or just a little contentious? Or is it simply a case of the perception of the same version of events being lost in translation? Let’s look at some cards.

Véronique’s Verdict

We drew the Queen of Wands, the Devil, and the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Wands
This represents Mark Thompson from the New York Times Group. Consider that we can all be represented by any of the 78 major or minor arcana cards in the Tarot deck. Mr Thompson’s newspaper is never too busy to take on a good cause. There is a fiery, domineering energy within this card and a feeling of always being right and not wishing to be questioned. Mr Trump’s actions (and tweets) are forcing publications to be more accountable in their reporting methods. Mr Thompson has no desire to make any significant changes in his methods.

The Devil
This represents the issue of fake news. The devil is in the details. There is a lustful materialistic energy within this card and an expression of the worst kind of human nature. There is a superficial energy of fraud and trickery, but is it a case of crossed-wires or something more?

The Queen of Hearts
This represents Mr Trump, yes really! There is a deceptive energy within this card and a feeling of withholding information for the someone else’s good. Whether people agree with his leadership method’s or not, this man believes that he is making the world a better place, but over-emotional over-reacting does not help his cause. Interfering in the affairs of the news publications under the guise exposing fake news allows Mr Trump to take greater control.

Where the reporting of fake news is in question, it feels like a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other. Both Mr Thompson and Mr Trump believe they are in the right and neither are prepared to back down, but I do feel that Mr Thompson et al will take a more considered approach in their reporting in the future. Watch this space!


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